Turkey is the country where diesel is the most expensive compared to gasoline in Europe

The Covid-19 epidemic, the global economic crisis, the Russia-Ukraine war and the regional crises threatening oil geographies have caused great jumps in energy prices.

As a result of the comparison made according to the taxes on fuel and the ratios between diesel and gasoline prices, diesel has become 33.3% more expensive than gasoline in Turkey. On the European side of Istanbul, petrol is sold at 20.13 TL per liter and diesel at 26.84 TL.


In Malta, which is the European country with the lowest rate, gasoline is sold for 1,340 Euros per liter and diesel for 1,210 Euros. This means that diesel is 10.7 percent cheaper than gasoline in Malta.

The country with the highest rate of this is Turkey with 33.3 percent, while Sweden is in the second place with a per capita income of over 50 thousand dollars with 31.6 percent.

The same rate is 14.4 percent in Germany, 7 percent in France, and 6 percent in England.


The increase in the price of diesel is also evident in the prices of fruits, vegetables and meat procured from markets and markets by large masses of people who have difficulty in reaching food due to the economic crisis. High diesel prices threaten many areas such as agriculture and animal husbandry, especially transportation and industrial production.

With the scale mobile system, which started in 2018, taxes on diesel, gasoline and autogas were reduced, and in this way, it was aimed to prevent the reflection of price increases on consumers. On March 1, 2021, the application of the echelle mobile system was terminated.


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