“Turkey is a key NATO ally”

“Turkey is a key NATO ally”

Witold Sobkow, Political Director of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that Turkey somehow found a way to help Ukraine not lose the war without engaging in a conflict with Russia. I do.” said.

The “Russian War Against Ukraine Conference” organized by the Polish and Czech embassies in Ankara was held at the Polish Embassy in Ankara.

Sobkow, Political Director of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the Ukrainian people are under a great burden in the war, “The first thing we need to do is (to Ukraine), we must continue to send heavy weapons, equipment, ammunition, we must train Ukrainian troops.” used the phrase.

Emphasizing that new sanctions packages should be put into effect against Russia, Sobkow said that in this context, Russia’s access to information technologies and modern technologies should be prevented and the Russian energy resources should be gradually moved away.

“We must work on sanctions against individuals and companies that supply arms to Russia. We must strengthen visa restrictions,” Sobkow said. said.


Stating that some people defended the argument of reducing arms shipments to Ukraine on the grounds that Russia would resort to nuclear weapons, Sobkow said, “We cannot do that. We must ship the weapons that Ukraine needs.” he said.

Pointing out that Russia could not reach its goals in Ukraine, but will try to reveal its own potential by recovering, Sobkow said, “We must be prepared for a protracted conflict.” made its assessment.


Touching on Turkey’s role as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine, Sobkow said that Turkey’s efforts resulted in many concrete steps, especially the grain corridor and the release of Ukrainian prisoners.

“Thank you very much to Turkey for helping us all with Turkish UAVs. They are very famous these days, they are famous in Ukraine and other countries.” Sobkow reiterated that Turkey somehow found a way to help Ukraine not be defeated in the war without engaging in conflict with Russia.

Emphasizing that Turkey has been a strategic partner of Poland for a long time, Sobkow said, “Turkey is a key partner and ally in NATO. I thank Turkey for everything it has done.” said.

Sobkow noted that they expect Turkey’s efforts in this context, which resulted in cooperation with Poland, the EU and European institutions, to continue.


Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Yevhen Perebyinis, who attended the conference online, also stated that the nuclear threats of the Moscow administration regarding the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and the possible use of nuclear weapons are unacceptable, and that these threats show that the whole world is at risk.

Stating that Ukraine needs long-range artillery rockets, ammunition, warplanes, armored vehicles, air defense systems to ensure the safety of civilians and protect critical infrastructures from Russian attacks, Perebyinis said, “The only way to guarantee the security of Ukraine is to save the Russian-occupied areas. It is a NATO member. Ukraine has already submitted its official application for NATO membership.” used the phrase.

perebyinis, Turkey Reminding that a MİLGEM class corvette produced by Turkey for Ukraine was launched a few days ago regarding military relations with Ukraine, “This is a good example of Ukraine’s military cooperation with Turkey.” said.


Perebyinis, regarding the cost of the war to Ukraine, “The total economic loss of our country due to the military attack of Russia has exceeded 750 billion dollars.” He said that almost half of the country’s economic income was lost.

Perebyinis stated that Ukraine needs 350 billion dollars of aid to be commissioned in the 2023-2025 period in the first stage, and 400 billion dollars until 2032 in the second stage, for the reconstruction, especially in infrastructure, and underlined that this amount should be met from Russian state assets and oligarchs.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Ankara, Vasyl Bobnar, thanked Turkey for the help it provided to Ukraine and said, “We will win thanks to your help. I believe it.” said.