Turkey experienced a renaissance during the AK Party era

WALL – Actor Mehmet Ali Erbil stated in an interview that Turkey experienced a renaissance in some areas under the AK Party rule. Erbil listed these as health, transportation and defense areas.

Tuba Kalcik from Sabah newspaperAnswering the questions of , Erbil said, “You were lynched in our last interview for your words about the health system. How did you feel when you were lynched?” He answered the question as follows:

“Let them lynch as much as they want. I praise the service. Turkey experienced a renaissance in the field of health during the AK Party period. Our city hospitals were very beautiful. Hospitals used to put patients at the door, now no one is victimized. Our Minister of Health is very successful. I paid taxes to my state for years, and when my health deteriorated, my state told me We are far ahead of Europe. Important services have been provided not only in the field of health, but also in the field of transportation. Am I not going to say these things because the AK Party did it? I will say this to whoever serves. Now I go to İzmir in 3.5 hours, where I used to go in 8 hours. “No one can deny the roads. The point reached for 20 years is obvious. Our country’s neck is no longer bowed in the international arena. Greece tried to raise its head, our Minister of National Defense gave a good answer to them with the F 16.” (NEWS CENTER)