Turkey did not come to the game! Friend stake for Europe: The real enemy is not Russia

Turkey’s foreign policy moves, led by President Erdogan, which prioritizes peace and reconciliation, bear fruit one by one.

In particular, Turkey is making a serious effort to end the Russia-Ukraine war. Turkey’s diplomatic moves developed in this context attract the attention of the whole world, especially Europe.


Turkey has never changed its stance since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. It has been pursuing a policy of balance from the very beginning.

It is known that this policy carried out by Turkey, especially at the beginning of the process, was also subjected to serious criticism by some segments.

We witness that this dissatisfaction with Turkey’s policy is expressed from time to time in both domestic and foreign public opinion.

The fact that Meral Akşener, who defines herself as the leader of a nationalist party, sided with NATO in the Russia-Ukraine crisis remains in the memory.

The veiled criticisms and threats of sanctions against Turkey’s policy are reflected in the media, especially by the European states, led by the USA.

We see that negative criticisms of this Ankara-centered balance policy have been replaced by positive discourses in both the domestic and foreign public opinion, after Turkey achieved successes that garnered the appreciation of the international public, thanks to the healthy communication it established with both Russia and Ukraine, the actors of the war.

In addition to the grain corridor agreement, the fact that the prisoner exchange agreement was realized thanks to Turkey’s efforts showed itself as the fruits of this policy.

Thanks to this policy of balance, Turkey has advanced both political and commercial ties with Russia and Ukraine in this process.


On the one hand, Turkey’s diplomatic achievements bear fruit, on the other hand, the process progresses very painfully for the European states, which will impose sanctions even on Russian citizens and pursue a hostile policy towards their countries.

After the USA and England banned energy imports from Russia, eyes were turned to the European Union (EU). Since the invasion of Ukraine that started in February, the gas and oil the European Union bought from Russia has been decreasing.

Turning to other countries to end its imports of Russian gas and oil, the EU has reduced its share of Russian oil imports, which was 40 percent before the war, to 25 percent as of the beginning of September.

Considering that the EU bought 40 percent of the natural gas it used to heat homes and provide energy to businesses from Russia last year, it is stated that Europe is waiting for a very difficult winter after the restrictions on natural gas and it is preparing for one of the biggest natural gas crises in its history. .

While the Russia-Ukraine war caused a decline in economic growth and increased inflation in the European Union and the world, the EU’s reduction of gas and oil imports from Russia with the demands from Ukraine and the increasing pressure from the USA sometimes causes serious reactions from the inside.

All of Germany, England and France It is said that European states were under the influence of the USA in this process and even almost became colonies of the USA.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse made striking evaluations about the Ukraine-Russia war and the position of America.

zuesse, “After years of more cunning efforts to sabotage the Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia to Europe by more ‘diplomatic’ means, the US Government’s blow-up will force Europe to pay much higher permanently.‘ he evaluated.

Emphasizing that Russian gas is much more suitable than the US and other liquefied natural gas (LNG) suppliers, Zuesse said, “Now there is no hope any longer that Europe will avoid slipping into the usual model of colonies, such as banana republics of one kind or another.” said.

Zuesse continued his evaluations as follows:

“It was very natural for Russia to be Europe’s main energy supplier, because Russia is part of Europe, on the same continent as other European nations, and therefore could transfer its energy to them through pipelines. Also, Russia had a surplus of energy and other European countries badly needed it. he could hear.

This is how international capitalism is supposed to work, but imperialist capitalism—also called international fascism—only survives and thrives by exploiting other nations.

From now on, European countries other than Russia will pay the world’s highest energy prices (by container and shipping, not just pipeline) for at least a long time (because those giant gas pipelines were destroyed). Most buy from the USA, which is now seen as the imperial center of Europe. The real enemy: America.

Billionaires controlling the US will also pay tribute to the emperor (USA). These are the puppet masters behind the “free world”, which is actually the new international fascist empire.

As Barack Obama said, America is the “one nation indispensable”, which means that all other nations (in this case Europe) are “dispensable”.

Now, these former imperial nations will finally get a taste of what it’s like to be an ‘dispensable nation’.”

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