Turkey as an exception to the rule – HILAL KAPLAN

Remember six years ago. The Turkish Armed Forces had started an operation in Syria. Minister Erdogan, He pressed the button for the S-400s and the Western countries were on the alert. Embargo decisions and diplomatic threats were flying in the air.
The know-it-all Washington think-tank community and foreign scribes claimed that Erdogan had ruined Turkish foreign policy and called for sanctions.
So what happened at this point? Turkey has reached an exceptional level that the West needs so much. It has become the only channel of dialogue between Russia and the West. He did not agree to be a pawn in the proxy wars of either the West or the East. He built a unique position for himself for his own benefit.
Now the fruits of these six years of diplomatic labor, the world from our comforting grain diplomacy French in Africa its most tangible rival to become Bosnia- Serbia or Azerbaijan- Tensions between Armenia from key countries to be one We see it in many areas.
This is an important part of President Erdogan’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly. “exception to the rule” In fact, it referred to our stance.
President Erdo─čan stated that crowning our exceptional role between Russia and Ukraine with the Istanbul Agreement also contributed to the global weight of the UN:

“The parties first at the Diplomacy Forum, then We brought it together in Istanbul. With the Honorable Secretary General intense work together Ukraine as a result of the efforts grain reaching the world We provided it.”
With the refugee policy “soulless spirit of the world” definition as leader of our country 9 months old baby Asim is dead your body to the masters of the global order showing and asking Memorables of this year’s UNSC address was among Turkey, refugees also about “rule exception” continues to be.
Thanks to this exceptional position, it would not be surprising that we will assume the role of mediator in other international crises in the future.


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