Turkey analysis that attracted attention in the US press: We must take it with us!

Creation Date: September 03, 2022 15:02

The war that has been going on for months between Russia and Ukraine has also upset all the political and economic balances in the world. The repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine war in global politics also continue. Turkey’s successful diplomacy in this complex political climate continues to attract the attention of the world. The analysis reflected in the US press is one of the biggest proofs of this…


Not only diplomatically, but also strategically. RussiaHe played an important role in the Ukraine war. Turkey continues to be appreciated for its success in managing the process all over the world.

USA The latest news reflected in the press was an important indicator of this.


In an analysis written in The Hill newspaper, our country was mentioned as ‘an ally that should definitely be pulled to its side by the USA’ by considering its role during and after the war.

In the analysis titled ‘Keeping Turkey in the Right Place in the War between the USA and Russia’, Turkey’s pioneering and correct attitude in the peace negotiations and grain corridor negotiations was praised.

The newspaper later underlined that Turkey should be returned to the ‘West’ and stated that our country is an ally that cannot be lost.class=”medianet-inline-adv”>

Despite the war between Russia and Ukraine, the deepening of relations between Turkey and Russia, especially in economic terms, served as a warning to the USA.


The Hill wrote that Russia has long wanted to break Turkey off from NATO and take it to its side, and that it has planned this in line with its strategic goals in the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.

While the analysis recommends that the White House start to act in line with these facts, he said that positive or negative incentives should be applied to turn Turkey back to the West.

Turkey analysis that draws attention in the US press: We must take it with us


Referring to Turkey’s vast military technological power and strategic importance, the newspaper did not neglect to comment on Turkey’s NATO membership and Russia’s relationship with NATO, with the words “Turkey is a deadly and historical threat to Russia”.


Saying that Russia wants to reach the Eastern Mediterranean by breaking Turkey off from the West and NATO, the newspaper underlined the need for geopolitical moves to increase support for the liberation of Ukraine and Crimea.


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