Trump’s candidacy assessment: If I get blocked, there will be a big problem

Former US President Donald Trump said that the US people cannot stand to be blocked from his presidential candidacy by prosecutors and that this will be a big problem.

Former US President Donald Trump is in trouble with the investigations.

Trump, whose candidacy in the upcoming elections is considered certain, is the target of prosecutors within the scope of the congressional raid after the previous election.

Answering the questions of radio host Hugh Hewitt in the broadcast he attended, Trump commented on the possibility of blocking his presidential candidacy in the upcoming elections, being accused by prosecutors of something he did not do.

“There are problems we have never seen before”

Trump, “I don’t think the American people will stand it, but I think if that were the case, you would probably have problems in this country that we’ve never seen before.” used the phrases.

Hewitt, who is also a columnist for the Washington Post and a political commentator on the Fox News channel, warned that the word “problem” could be interpreted as “incitement to violence” by the media. “I think there will be big problems. I just don’t think they’ll stand it. It’s not provocation. I’m just saying what my opinion is.” he said.

“I did not do anything wrong”

Former US President Hewitt You have a saying, “(If a prosecutor wants, he can file a criminal complaint about a ham sandwich.) Will you run for president even if you’re accused?” the question, “I can’t imagine being blamed. I didn’t do anything wrong.” he replied.

Trump claimed that he had overcome all the accusations against him, that he was right about Russia and the Mueller report, that the Democrats were the real “shopping” with Russia.

“On top of that, let’s face it, I was a great president. We’ve had more of the biggest tax cuts, rebuilding our military, the biggest regulatory cuts in history, by far the biggest employment numbers in history.” said Trump, arguing that his presidential term was successful.

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