Treasure hunters looted… The historical silver coin worth $1 million returned home after 20 years


1 million dollar The detective story of a historical artifact worth almost 20 years spanning continents has come to an end.

It symbolizes the Jewish revolt 2,000 years ago. silverhanded over to Israeli authorities.

The story is that the silver coin was in 2002. IsraelIt goes back to being found by treasure hunters in .

The Israel Antiquities Authority pursued the artifact it found to have been unearthed in the Ella Valley by a group of Palestinian treasure hunters.

The institution worked over the next 20 years to locate the artifact.

According to the information obtained, silver coins changed hands in illegal antique markets, in Israel, Jordan and England.

It was most recently discovered to have surfaced in the city of Denver for an auction in 2017.

The Antiquities Authority mobilized US authorities and the artifact was placed under surveillance.


Based on information obtained from five countries by the Antiquities Tracking Unit of a court in Manhattan, the court ordered that the money be returned to the country from which it was issued.

The 2,000-year-old artifact was handed over to Israeli officials in New York on Monday.

“We are gathered here today with our allies to bring back an incredibly rare piece of Israeli history,” said Ricky J Patel, a US Department of Homeland Security official, speaking at the delivery ceremony.

Patel explained that a quarter shekel’s worth of coin surrendered independence from the Roman Empire.


There are only four known examples of this coin with Jewish motifs on it.

The coin from the period known as the Great Revolt was dated to 69 AD.

It is recorded that the silver coin represents the rebellion against the Roman Empire of the period.

The said revolt was bloodily suppressed by the Romans, and Jerusalem was razed to the ground.

Some historians argue that the number of Jews killed was more than a million.


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