Transporting military personnel and ammunition

WALL – NATO activity is taking place in the port city of Alexandroupoli, 45 kilometers from the Greek border with Turkey. NATO transports military personnel and ammunition to new facilities created in the city. The Greek press is passing the information that the mobility is related to the developments related to Russia.

Camp Giannouli, twenty kilometers from the Greek-Turkish border, will begin hosting NATO units in a few weeks. Preparations for the arrival of NATO elements in the camp are now at the final stage. An American transport vehicle is expected to travel to the area in September to load and unload the weapons. The British have stationed a permanent military adviser in Alexandroupoli. Other NATO countries, such as the UK, will also send military representatives to the region.

Meanwhile, the transportation of armored and other military vehicles of the Italian Armed Forces from Alexandroupolis Port to the Bulgarian border was completed. At noon on Friday, the section of the Egnatia highway on the Greece-Bulgaria border was filled with convoys of Italian army armored vehicles loaded on trucks for deportation to the Balkan and Baltic countries. These vehicles had previously reached Alexandroupoli by the ship named ‘SEVERINE’. The British cargo ship ‘EDDYSTONE’, belonging to the British Ministry of Defense, docked at Alexandroupolis Port for the second time in two months on Friday.


Robert Menendez, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who recently paid an official visit to Greece, examined the NATO facilities in Alexandroupoli together with the US Ambassador to Greece, George Tsounis. Prior to the said visit, Menendez met with Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis.

According to the Greek media, at the meeting held at the Maksimou Prime Minister’s Residence in Athens on Friday afternoon, the importance of the military infrastructure in Alexandroupoli, Crete-Souda and Greece in terms of US-NATO plans and the transport of LNG, which the US is interested in, to the European market were discussed. During the meeting, Mitsotakis referred to the 4th Round of Strategic Dialogue between Greece and the United States, which will take place in Athens in October, with special reference to the “Defense and Inter-Parliamentary Partnership Act between the United States and Greece”, which marks Menendez’s deeper involvement in the country’s US-NATO plans. pointed.

In addition, international developments, especially the Russia-Ukraine war, were also discussed during the Mitsotakis-Menendez meeting. Menendez expressed his appreciation for the clear stance of Greece, which has supported Ukraine from the very first moment by providing humanitarian aid and defense material. Menendez, attaching special importance to Alexandroupoli, described the development of the region as “excellent” and said, “Greece will become a geostrategic center for the region and allies. I believe it has unlimited potential.”

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