Transfer confession from Veli Kavlak! ‘I even gave instructions to my manager’

Veli Kavlak, who could not catch up with his old form after a shoulder injury in the 2015-2016 season when he played for Beşiktaş, did not reach an agreement with any team after his contract expired in the 2018-2019 season. The 33-year-old former football player recently said goodbye to the green fields.

The experienced midfielder, who made a statement to Radyospor, said, “Unfortunately, I had a long-lasting injury process. It first started in my shoulder area in 2011. It was said that there was no problem in the examinations made at that time, but the problem became chronic with the increase in my pain every year I played. The process is very long. As it continues, it starts to become serious and when the necessary intervention is not done in a timely manner, such disasters unfortunately occur.”


Explaining that he received transfer offers after he left Beşiktaş, Kavlak said, “If the first problem occurred, I could still play football if it was taken seriously and effectively intervened. I officially left Beşiktaş in 2018. After the separation, many offers came from our Anatolian clubs, but I did not want to evaluate it. “I wanted my injury to go away completely. Afterwards, I tried very hard to get back to football in a good way, but it didn’t work. It was a very sad situation for me too,” he said.


Stating that he was in talks with Rapid Wien, the experienced football player said, “We had meetings with my old club, Rapid Wien, from which I was trained, to work in the infrastructure. They take special care of me and are in constant contact with me. “We will soon have our first coaching experience. There have been clubs from Turkey, of course, but I will stay in Austria. We do not know exactly what will happen in football in the future,” he said.


Emphasizing that he wanted to be the coach of the black and white team after playing in Beşiktaş for many years, Veli Kavlak said, “I always said when there were offers, that Beşiktaş would always be the priority for me. As a matter of fact, it was. There were much better offers in financial terms, but I did not find anything. “I didn’t want to leave Beşiktaş at the time. I even gave instructions to my manager, ‘no matter what the offers from other clubs will be evaluated’. One of my biggest dreams is to return to Beşiktaş as a coach,” he said.


Finally, Veli Kavlak evaluated the championship race in the Super League and said, “I think Beşiktaş is advantageous in the long run. If they can spread their good football throughout the season, Beşiktaş will be very successful. The last two matches were not the desired level, but they have a very high quality squad as a team. As the fight for the summit is much more exciting this season, I ask all our team fans to stay calm because it can be a heated process towards the end.”