Trabzonspor’s transfer road map has been announced

Turgay Beşyıldız / Yeniçağ

Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avci has started to work especially to turn the defensive block back into the defensive line that conceded the least goals.
Abdullah Avci asked for the license of the 33-year-old Brazilian player Bruno Peres to be removed during the interim transfer.
Peres, whose contract will come out in the interim transfer period that will start yesterday, is expected to play in the Başakşehir match on Saturday night, January 14. If Peres wears the jersey, this player will be back in full 266 days.
The Brazilian right-back, whose Achilles tendon ruptured in the Adana Demirspor match played on April 23 last season, was not activated at the beginning of the season, and Danish right-back Jens Larsen was transferred instead. However, when the expected performance from the Danish player could not be obtained, the eyes turned to Peres’ training as soon as possible.

The roadmap to be followed for the interim transfer period in Trabzonspor was determined after the triple summit held in Istanbul the other day. At the summit, where Ahmet Ağaoğlu, Ertuğrul Doğan and Abdullah Avcı met in Trabzonspor and the issues related to what to do during the half-time were discussed, negotiations will begin for those who will go or come, especially during the interim transfer.
Trabzonspor’s attitude will become clear after the Başakşehir match in the interim transfer work, which was left after the Başakşehir match, the last match of the first half and the importance of which was emphasized.
Although the activity started with the opening of the transfer period in Trabzonspor, with the technical director Abdullah Avcı giving the necessary report to the chairman Ahmet Ağaoğlu at this meeting held the previous day, the brakes were put on for the 90 minutes of Başakşehir FK for now.
The Bordeaux Blues have to send a few players from their squad, who have suitors, in order to transfer to regions that are deemed inadequate.
Trabzonspor, which is trying to make room in the squad after the return of the star name Peres, has only been the subject of rumors for now, with whom the roads will be parted or those who are allowed will be excluded from the squad.
Only in the meantime; Trabzonspor’s goal scorer Djaniny, who could not give what he wanted this season, continues to receive offers. 32-year-old Cape Verdean Djaniny Semedo, who has only two assists in 21 games, has offers from Saudi Arabia and Mexico again.
Djaniny, who is among the names that will be allowed to leave the team, has again received offers from Saudi Arabia and Mexico, two countries where he used to play.
Oral interviews, which are currently at the manager level, are expected to be made official in the coming days.
In fact, the offers for Djaniny, a player who can always be needed in the 21-man squad, and the club’s need for cash brings this name to the top of the table.
Djaniny, who is considered to have a transfer fee of 2.5 million Euros and is one of the very high paid names in the team, will most likely be approved for sale in order to reduce the salary budget and provide income for the club.
On the other hand, 38,500 seats waiting to be filled in the 41 thousand-seat Stadium, apart from the 2,000-seat guest tribune, are about to run out for the match to be played in Akyazı at 19:00 tomorrow night. Just before this news went on the air, 35,675 had been sold, most of them combined and including tickets.
The remaining 2 thousand 925 tickets are expected to be finished by tomorrow evening.
Vitor Hugo is suspended in the burgundy blue team. Serkan, Hüseyin, Dorukhan and Visca are still injured. There are no suspended players in Istanbul Başakşehir FK team. Alone; Alexandru Epureanu and Hasan Ali are out of the squad. The team in navy blue has no injured players