Top in Europe with 2.6 billion Euro revenue, ranked 8th in the world

ARCELIKWe are at the consumer electronics fair IFA in Berlin (Germany), where we went with the invitation of Arçelik CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, He entered the word with a proud knowledge on behalf of Turkey:

Beko ranked number one in Europe with an average of 9.2 percent market share.

We wondered how many European countries this data covers, he opened:

We are now number one in 27 European countries.

We asked the share of European countries in Arçelik’s turnover and shared:

Our sales in Europe are around 2.6 billion Euros.

Incidentally, he drew attention to Arçelik-Beko’s position in the world:

10 years ago we were 11th in the world. Today we are ranked 8th. Our goal is to enter the top 3 in the world.

He pointed to Arçelik’s production centers in the world:

We have production facilities in 9 countries (Turkey, China, Romania, Russia, South Africa, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh).

Listed the brands they own:

Arçelik, Beko, Grundig, Altus, Leisure, Arctic, Dawlance, Defy, Blomberg, Elektrabregenz, Flavel, VoltasBeko. In other words, we have 12 brands in our organization. We serve in 52 countries with our 79 subsidiaries.

He focused on Arçelik’s financial data:

Our consolidated turnover increased by 66.8% in 2021 and reached 68 billion liras. That is, it was at the level of 6.5 billion Euros. In the first 6 months of this year, we achieved 122 percent growth on TL basis, our consolidated turnover was 60.4.

This year Euro stressed that they foresee 17 percent growth on the basis of

We expect our turnover this year to reach 7.63 billion Euros.

We wanted to know the export tempo, he replied:

For Arcelik, “export” it’s hard to say. Because we have 30 factories in different parts of the world. We produce from there and sell it all over the world.

He examined the latest situation in global markets:

A recession began in the world market. However, Arçelik has an advantage in this environment. Because our costs are more competitive than anyone else’s. We produce in factories on a very large scale. We have belts from brands with high appeal. We continue to gain market share.

He underlined that the durable consumer goods sector continues to be consolidated in the world:

We are a constantly growing company. We have managed the companies we bought and the partnerships we made well. We will continue this. Our goal of being in the top 3 in the world comes from there.

Koç Holding’s Honorary President Rahmi KocHe put it in the words of:

Mr. Rahmi, “If Koç Holding has a crown, Arçelik is the diamond in our crown” says. Arçelik is a growing, profitable company that contributes a lot to Koç Holding and Turkey in terms of sustainability.

In the 1980s-1990s, there was talk of selling Arçelik to Whirlpool in the USA. In 2002, the company bought Arctic in Romania, changing the truss. Then he bought Grundig, Germany’s brand that was about to go down in history, and revived it.

Today, it produces in 30 factories in 9 countries and plays to the tops in the world with its 12 brands. It derives 77 percent of its growth from international sales. Market leadership in Europe shows that it is taking firm steps forward on this path.

Whirlpool transaction in Russia completed we received the keys

ARCELIK CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, He stated that the acquisition of Whirlpool in Russia was completed on August 31, 2022:

All approvals for the purchase have been completed. We received the keys. 2 factories, where 4,500 people work, were transferred to Arçelik.

He reminded that Beko also has a factory in Russia:

Total employment reached 5 thousand 500. Our market share in Russia is rising to an important point.

We asked if the US embargo against Russia affected this transaction, he explained:

Our industry is not covered by the embargo. We also got our approval from OFAC, the US agency that monitors the embargo. The owner of the company was an Italian group. We made the purchase from an Italian company.

He noted that Whirlpool sales fell in Russia:

We will continue with the Hot Point and Indesit brands at the Whirlpool facilities we took over in Russia. Hot Point is already ahead in the market.

He underlined the following point on a question:

A year ago, the Italians wouldn’t want to leave Russia, and we wouldn’t be able to get the Whirlpool facilities. We said we would stay in Russia. In Russia, the Chinese are also expanding their business. We are in competition with the Chinese everywhere.

28 R&D and design centers, more than 3 thousand registered patents

ARCELIK CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, He stated that the company has 28 R&D and design centers, mostly in Turkey:

45 thousand people work in our 30 facilities in 9 countries. R&D and the number of our employees in our design centers exceeds 2,200.

He noted that they are leading the sector with the technologies they have developed:

We are the only Turkish company that has been in the top 200 for 10 years in the International Patent League with more than 3 thousand registered patents.

Energy efficiency and water savings increase in products SPP reaches 50 megawatts

ARCELIK CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, Looking at the last 10 years, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers energy He emphasized that his productivity has increased 3 times:

We have washing machine models that use 20 percent less water. Water usage in our dishwashers is also reduced by half.

He reported that they pay great attention to carbon emissions at all production stages:

We have also started to generate electricity from solar energy in our factories. We recently commissioned the 1.3 megawatt SPP in Ankara. The electricity production of the SPPs in our factories reaches 50 megawatts.

Then he added:

The electricity we obtain from SPPs is important, even if it is 3-5 percent of our consumption. In a country like Turkey, concrete, brick, tile, every surface must have a solar energy panel. We do not use the energy that comes free from the sky enough. Foreign currency We export and import.

European inflation slows purchases, dowry preparations increase in us

ARCELIK CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, He pointed out that Europeans had difficulty living with 9.1 percent inflation:

The behavior of the European consumer will change. It will delay renewing your refrigerator and white goods. As a matter of fact, the shrinkage has started.

He also stated that the market shrank by 8 percent on a piecemeal basis in Turkey:

We are also experiencing incredible cost increases. Shipping went from 100 units to 480. Gas increased from 100 units to 900 units. Sheet became 170-180, while plastic was 100. I have never seen such increases in my life. It is not possible to reflect these to the customer.

Then he added:

Since we are used to living with inflation, we can react quickly. We have an advantage over our competitors. Why? I mean, the girl buys appliances without even being engaged. The product is bought, not assembled, it stays in the dealer’s warehouse. Wise attitude in the inflation environment.

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