Togg put an end to price claims in domestic auto

Prepared to start the production of the domestic car on October 29, Togg made a statement regarding the allegations made about the car.

In the statement made by the company, it was pointed out that the statements, all of which are based on guesses or assumptions, misinterpretations of company representatives and imaginary claims have increased in recent weeks.

In the statement, “We observe an increase in the statements, publications and advertisements of third parties and institutions that present themselves as Togg business partners, including the price list, pre-order – sales campaign, by pretending to be announced by our brand. At a time when we are approaching our targets step by step, we kindly request that such speculative news not be respected.

In the statement made by Togg, pointing out that the interest in Togg has increased as the date of October 29, 2022, when the official opening of the Gemlik Campus will take place, and March 2023, when the domestic car will be on the roads, has increased, “We are proudly following this interest and curiosity about our brand, which is no longer a trade secret. We regularly announce every development through our social media accounts and press releases, and we keep the public informed of the developments.