Today it would be called child abuse: They always told me I was beautiful, it broke my heart

Let’s take a look at a celebrity who started her modeling and acting career at a time when beautiful women and even children were turned into some kind of object. The characters he played when he was not even an adult are creepy even to the actor himself with today’s level of consciousness. This famous actor, who is now a parent himself, cannot even think that his children are going through the same things. If you’ve been browsing the news since last weekend, you’ve already understood that this person is Brooke Shields.

The 58-year-old mother of two girls, Shields, started her modeling career at the age of 12 and continued with a role that no child star can play today. Two years later, when he was still a child, he doubled his reputation with another film of similar content. All these experiences, which were considered normal at the time, even as successes, are the subject of intense debate today.

The documentary Pretty Baby, which examines Shields’ professional life, is released last weekend by Sundance. Film It made its mark on the festival. According to the documentary directed by Lana Wilson and contributed by both Shields and her colleagues, the beautiful actress was turned into an object and abused by both the cinema and the media at a young age. So much so that all this seems inconceivable when considered in today’s conditions.

After all, when Shields thinks about everything that has happened, namely his professional life, he evaluates the situation with his current experience and says, “Sometimes I am surprised that I survived in this situation.” According to her friend and colleague Laura Linney, speaking in the documentary, she was “a young girl in the adult world.” Linney expresses her thoughts on the subject: “I remember sometimes I would think about him and say to myself, ‘I hope he’s okay.'”

IF IT WAS LAUNCHED TODAY, THE JURISDICTION WAS OPENED: Brooke Shields started her modeling career in 1966, when she was only one year old. The architect of this is his mother, Teri, who has been her manager for most of her professional life. Later, the actress took part in many commercials published in TV and print media. The description a broadcaster used for her at the time is today the type that warrants a lawsuit for child abuse and is punishable: “America’s hottest hottest kid.”

Today it would be called child abuse: They always told me I was beautiful, it broke my heart

Shields made her big break as a 12-year-old boy. directed by Louis Malle Pretty Baby She appeared in front of the camera in the movie (Beautiful Baby). In that movie, he played a character that no child star could play today. The beautiful actress played the role of the daughter of a prostitute played by Susan Sarandon. As per the script, he appeared in front of the camera in many scenes that were inappropriate for his age.

Although he – and some critics who agreed with him – described the film as creative artistic work rather than pornography, Shields today also has bad memories of that film. All this is due to his age at the time he acted in that production, he said. Shields went through real trauma for a child in that movie. He had to do this as part of the role, before he had ever kissed anyone in his life. With her 30-year-old co-star Keith Carradine. On this subject, the actress explains: “I’ve never kissed anyone like this before. It was for the part and that doesn’t count.”

After this experience, Shields added that he learned to divide some things in life into parts and not to mix them up at a young age. It was, in his words, a technique he ‘applied for survival’.

Today it would be called child abuse: They always told me I was beautiful, it broke my heart

Two years after the shooting of this movie, Brooke Shields appeared in front of the camera for another movie where her beauty was displayed: “The Blue Lagoon (Blue Lake.) In that movie, she and her co-star Christopher Atkins landed on a deserted island and discovered both love and the adult world there. She played a young girl. Of course, that movie is also remembered with her image. She was not yet an adult at that time. She was only 14 years old.

Today it would be called child abuse: They always told me I was beautiful, it broke my heart

Shields’ next film is, in his own words, one of his most terrifying experiences on set. Endless Love (Infinite Love). Although she had not had such an experience yet, she was supposed to act in a lovemaking scene with her co-star Martin Hewitt. According to what she told about that scene, she left very painful traces in her memory.

Because he was inexperienced, he could not give the facial expression that director Franco Zeffirelli wanted in that scene. Finally Zeffirelli went up to him to get the expression he wanted and grabbed his toe very hard and started twisting it. Brooke Shields described how she felt at the time: “It was hurting me. After that, I really canceled.” Meanwhile, Zeffirelli was later a guest.

Let us remind you that he told the same story in a very casual way in a TV interview. HE ALSO HAS BEEN HARASSED WHEN HE WANTED TO BACK TO HIS PROFESSION: After this experience, Shields took a break from his film career to study at Princeton University. Four years later, she decided to return to the camera. At that time, Shields admitted for the first time that she had been harassed by an anonymous filmmaker.

Today it would be called child abuse: They always told me I was beautiful, it broke my heart

So to summarize, Brooke ShieldsAt the age of 57, he continues his career, which he started by acting in commercials when he was only 1 year old. He also speaks proudly about his profession. But throughout her life, especially in her teenage years, she rejects the way she describes herself, the way she sees herself.