TMO is crazy! TMO Sunflower Oil Pet 5 lt 4 Pieces at PttAVM at SHOCK price, catch up before stocks run out!

Crazy sunflower oil campaign came from TMO. Soil Products Office, which has been in cooperation with PttAVM for a while, has recently responded to the demand from the citizens and reduced the prices of sunflower oil. TMO Sunflower Oil Pet 5 lt 4 pieces at PttAVM with shock price.

TMO announced crazy prices. Turkish Grain Board, cooperating with PttAVM, has officially reduced sunflower oil prices. Moreover, a 5-liter 4-pack of sunflower oil is sold at almost half the price of Diyar markets. However, the products are limited in stock, so those who grow up buy them. There are discounts on all products, not just TMO 5 L sunflower oil. Well, how much were the prices of TMO 5L Sunflower Oil, TMO 10L Sunflower Oil, Trakya Birlik sunflower oil Birgül Komili sunflower oil at PttAVM?

The Turkish Grain Board has been working like a market recently and has been providing citizens with cheap sunflower oil. While the prices of TMO sunflower oil continue to decrease day by day, it is even more affordable with the campaigns made by the PTT AVM. As of today, sunflower oil prices have decreased once again at PTT AVM. Moreover, greater discount opportunity awaits consumers for multiple purchases. However, let’s say from the beginning, the sunflower oils offered for sale at the PTT AVM are limited in stock. In other words, the ones who grow buy, the discounted products in the TMO sunflower oil discount remain in the hands of the trap. Well, what is the price of TMO 5L Sunflower Oil?


PTT, one of the institutions of the state, started the PTT Shopping Center application in order to sell affordable products to the citizens in the past years. Especially after the increase in sunflower oil prices, citizens’ interest in PTT AVM, which sells sunflower oil at economical prices, was extremely high. Although PTT AVM mostly sells sunflower oils produced by Turkish Grain Board, it is possible to find campaigns in many brands. PttAVM TMO Sunflower Oil Pet 5 lt prices and other sunflower oil prices are as follows:

TMO Sunflower Oil Pet 5 lt x 4 Pieces: 540 TL

TMO 5 LT sunflower oil pet: 245.60 TL

Agriculture Credit sunflower oil tin 18 liters 759 TL

Trakya Birlik sunflower oil 5 lt x 4 Pieces: 896.21 TL

Komili sunflower oil 4 liters pet x 4 Pieces: 748.14 TL

Biryağ 18 liter can of sunflower oil 649 TL


Sunflower oil products offered for sale at PTT AVM are on sale with limited stocks. Particular attention is paid to the TMO 5 liter sunflower oil campaign. For this reason, citizens who want to buy sunflower oil should be quick. If you want to catch up with the products that sell at economical prices, hurry up, because the products that go out of the way are sold out as soon as the campaign is announced.

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