TikTok phenomenon regrets meeting Nusret

The TikTok phenomenon named Masala Bae met Nusret Gökçe, whom she is a fan of. The TikTok phenomenon described Gökçe as a “bad guy” because of his attitudes towards him.

Butcher famous for his salt pouring act Nusret GokceA TikTok phenomenon came to the fore because of a fan after he took the field in celebrations at the World Cup Final and lifted the trophy and was banned from the US Open Cup Final.

The phenomenon on TikTok Masala Baemet Nusret Gökçe, whom he admired. Sharing his meeting moments on TikTok, Bae did not like Gökçe’s attitude and behavior towards him.

Masala Bae married the 39-year-old phenomenon butcher Gökçe. “Villian” (bad guy), he criticized.

Gökçe’s fan quoted the Batman movie in the promotional video he published before sharing the TikTok video he prepared, “Never meet your heroes” said.

Bae as an explanation for the video he posted. “Full Talk to Saltbae. He hurt me. He’s not my hero anymore” Wrote.


In the TikTok video, Gökçe said, “I make my videos just like you” said to Masala Bae, in response. “Enjoy and go” was heard.