THY’s success in the German media

The German media announced the success of THY, which was selected as the best airline company in Europe, by saying, “They have surpassed us”.

Organized for the seventh time this year by UK-based Skytrax World Airlines Awards found their owners.

At the award ceremony held in London, Turkish Airlines (THY); “Europe’s Best Airline”, “World’s Best Business Class Catering” and “Best Airline in Southern Europe” awarded the awards.

THY also ranked 7th in the world classification. This success of THY aroused wide publicity in the German media.

Compared with THY: It surpassed us

Emphasizing that Lufthansa, one of Germany’s favorite brands, lags behind THY, the German newspaper Spiegel said, “THY surpassed Lufthansa” he announced the news.

“Lufthansa continues to slide”

“Which airline do you like best, who has the best crews, who has the best inflight program? The answer is Lufthansa keeps slipping.” Spiegel said, emphasizing the rise of THY.

It is stated that THY has risen from 17th to 7th place in the world rankings. Lufthansa’s regression from 9th place to 15th place was compared to THY.

THY's success is #1 in the German media