Three years that the general manager hides

The truth is I didn’t know. I learned it thanks to a reader. He wrote to me:

“You guys are looking at the past, where did the current general manager work?”

During the 17-25 December operations, I wrote to people of Bank Asya origin, who were made managers of Halkbank. The reader suggested that I also look at the current CEO of Halkbank. Osman Arslan’he meant.

On the bank’s official site “Know Us” There is a category called When I clicked there, I saw Arslan in the third row. Beside “General Manager and Board Member” It was written, and just below it was his biography. But there wasn’t. In his life story, which he packed into 138 words “Bank of Asia” did not have.

But wait a minute!

There is a sentence in that biography:

“He worked as a manager in various private sector banks between 1998-2004.”

One thinks, Osman Arslan wrote down all the places he worked. “various private sector banks” why did he hide it?

Curiosity, it’s over. I found the one on Halkbank’s website in two separate places. One is on The Wall Street Journal’s website, the other is in an announcement about the new management of Arab Turkish Bank…

In two separate places, he hesitated to post it on the website of Halkbank, of which Arslan is currently the general manager. “private sector bank” writes clearly. Bingo: Bank Asya!

I’m just quoting: “(Osman Arslan) worked as an inspector and assistant manager at Asya Katılım Bankası A.Ş. between 2000-2003.”

This was exactly the life Osman Arslan was hiding: You will work for three whole years as a manager in the institution that provides finance to the organization, and now you will be the top name of one of Turkey’s largest public banks!

Well said the philosopher: “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”


Have you looked at the Official Gazette published on Wednesday?

FETÖ suspect, former Supreme Court member Mustafa Kilic’There was a decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the application made by I will not go into the details of the 47-page decision.

Only President Zühtü Arslan “different reason” I would like to draw your attention to what you wrote under the title:

“(…) The concept of ‘loyalty in the state’, which is frequently used in this context, should also be considered as loyalty to justice, which is the foundation of the state, to the law as its manifestation tool, and to the constitution, which functions as a social contract, when it comes to judges. At this point, it should be noted that the openness of judges to orders and suggestions is the greatest disaster that can happen to a state. Because the judges becoming civil servants and their loyalty turning out of the law would be the end of justice, the rule of law, and even the state itself in the final analysis.

(…) The ECtHR states that judges, unlike public officials who are responsible for implementing government policies, also carry out their duty to control the unlawful acts of the administration and abuse of public power, therefore, for members of the judiciary, loyalty is not to those who hold the state power, but to those who hold the state power, but to the rule of law and the rule of law. stressed the need to ‘democracy’. (…)”

Do you see how AYM President Zühtü Arslan criticizes the AKP and the members of the judiciary affiliated with the government? Hey go!


– Is it true that a former leftist Turkish singer took a bribe as an intermediary to overcome legal obstacles in front of a valuable building in Istanbul?

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Note: I counted among the nine names brought to the management of Halkbank in the previous Backyard. Mehmet Sebahattin Bulut, through his lawyer, he said that he is not of Bank Asya origin. Bulut also stated that he left Halkbank voluntarily. In the special news of Hürriyet newspaper dated 9 July 2014, which is still on air, Mehmet Sebahattin Bulut’s “Your work at Bank Asya” and in the statement Halkbank sent to the Public Disclosure Platform on May 31, 2019. “Assistant General Manager Bulut was dismissed” I remind you that it was announced.

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