Threatened many people in the clubhouse

Mustafa Aydın, who has many photos with AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, continues to threaten the people he discusses in the chat rooms of social media platforms. Accusing these people of being ‘FETO’ members, Aydın did not settle for this and called the bosses of the companies they worked for to have these people fired from their jobs.

According to the news of Ferhat Yaşar from the newspaper Wall; Aydın, in particular, accesses the phone information of the members he discusses in the chat rooms at the Clubhouse, sends abusive messages to these people and insults them; He wants the people in question to apologize to him and delete their social media accounts. When Aydın can’t get a response to his demands, he calls the workplaces of the people he is arguing with, causing them to lose their jobs.

Mustafa Aydın had an argument with a person named Doğuş Yavuz in a chat room. Thereupon, Aydın began to threaten by cursing after reaching Yavuz’s phone number. Aydın then called the customs company where Yavuz was working and demanded that Yavuz be a ‘FETÖ member’, apologize to him and delete his social media accounts. Thereupon, his boss asked Doğuş Yavuz to apologize to Aydın, delete his social media accounts and give the company a defense. Yavuz, who did not accept this, resigned from the company he worked for.


Speaking on the subject, Aydın said, “The terror camp belongs to the members of the terrorist organization” for the channel opened under the name ‘Clubhouse Terror Camp’.

The owner of the customs company where Doğuş Yavuz works, stated that he has nothing to do with politics and does not want to talk about the issue.