Threat from Kadyrov after Russian President Putin’s partial mobilization decision

Threat from Kadyrov after partial mobilization decision

After the announcement of partial military mobilization by Russian President Vladimir Putin RussiaMany people from Turkey, albeit in limited numbers, organized protest demonstrations. However, many people flocked to one-way flight tickets to Turkey and Armenia.

While reactions to the partial military mobilization decision were rising from all over the world, a person close to Putin came as a threat to those who participated in the protests.

President of Chechnya Kadyrov has threatened to send anti-war protesters in his country to war zones in Ukraine along with their relatives.

“Some say that we should oppose partial mobilization. No one should discuss Putin’s decision, they should just obey. I urge you all to stay away from these ridiculous demonstrations,” Kadyrov said on his Telegram user account Kadyrov_95.


Often accused of using “medieval” tortures against his enemies, Kadyrov is referred to as “the son Putin never had” for his devotion to the Kremlin leader.

According to the news that The Times based on the Russian media in the past months, it was stated that Vladimir Putin gave Ramazan Kadyrov the rank of lieutenant general because of his struggle and support in Ukraine.

* Images of the news are provided by the Associated Press.