Thousands of people are looking forward to it! Draft text appeared, now eyes on Parliament

The said study, which was carried out to assign positions to 516,000 contracted civil servants, has come to an end. It has been on the agenda of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for a while. The draft text of the study, which carried out the right of tenure to contracted civil servants, has emerged.

The draft regarding the granting of cadre rights to contracted personnel, It is expected to come to the agenda of the Parliament in October and become law.. Here are the details about the draft text that emerged…


According to the news in Sabah, Officer-YouNegotiations with the union were completed and the demands of the union were also received. A draft will be created by bringing together the requests received and the technical work done. This draft President After it is presented to Erdogan, it will be given its final shape and sent to the Parliament in October.


Minister Vedat Bilgin, in his statement on the subject recently, said, “There is the issue of the contracted personnel getting their staff rights. His work is over, it’s a matter of time” used the phrases.


In the draft text, which will be finalized after the deliberations in the Assembly, staff rights are determined as follows:

  • Contracted personnel working in the central and provincial organizations of public institutions and organizations and their affiliated institutions with revolving funds will be transferred to the staff.
  • Special provincial administrations, municipalities and their subsidiaries and local administration unions will benefit from staffing arrangements for contracted employees within the framework of the third paragraph of article 49 of the Municipal Law No. 5393 dated 3/7/2005.
  • As of 31.12.2022, those employed in contracted positions and those who are entitled to be appointed to the contracted personnel position will be deemed to have been appointed to the positions they have issued, if they apply within 30 days from the effective date of the law.
  • Those who are absent from their duties due to military service, maternity leave or unpaid leave will benefit from the regulation.
  • Contracted personnel who have been announced for the recruitment of contracted personnel positions and whose placement procedures have been completed as of 31.12.2022 will benefit from the cadre arrangement.
  • The terms of service spent in contracted positions of those who will be appointed to civil servant positions, provided that they do not exceed the degrees they can be promoted according to their educational status, will be evaluated in the determination of their earned rights monthly degrees and levels. They will be entitled to the financial and social rights of their appointed staff as of the beginning of the month following the date of their appointment. There will be no set-off for the financial and social rights they received in their previous positions. The total service periods spent in contracted positions will be taken into account in the calculation of the total service period based on the retirement bonus to be paid in accordance with the Turkish Republic Retirement Fund Law No. 5434.