Those who think that we can be an alternative to Russian gas are wrong.

Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamed Al Thani said that the situations that led to the Arab Spring demonstrations still exist and continue to increase.

Speaking to the French newspaper Le Monde, Qatar Emir Tamim called for the gradual implementation of necessary reforms to deal with the problems.

“Unfortunately, the deep problems that led to the Arab Spring, such as poverty, unemployment and unemployment of graduates, still exist,” the Emir of Qatar said in a statement. made the assessment.

Sheikh Temim said that the problems for which no solution could be found increased, and that if a solution could not be produced, the events could be experienced again.

Noting that “the best way to avoid future events is to implement the necessary reforms gradually,” Temim said, “We need to give our peoples real hope, not just words.” said.


Regarding the criticism of Qatar for having relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, Temim said, “We have no relations with the Muslim Brotherhood. There are no members of the Muslim Brotherhood or affiliated communities on the territory of Qatar.” he said.

Stating that Qatar is an open country and many people with different views and opinions live here, Temim said, “We are a country, we are not a party, and we establish relations with countries and their legitimate governments, not with political organizations.” made its assessment.


About the resumption of relations with the Assad regime in Syria, Tamim said, “Every country has the right to establish relations with any country, but the Arab League has decided to exclude Syria for a justified reason, and this reason still exists.” said.

Stating that he is ready to participate in any talks about Syria’s future and the demands of its people, Temim said, “Why do we accept a leader to commit massacres against his people and expel millions of refugees from his country? “We must put an end to the problem, the same goes for Libya. If we are not careful, we will face dire consequences.” he said.


Regarding the relations of Arab countries with Israel, Sheikh Tamim stated that “Every state has the right to establish relations with another state”.

“What is normalization with Israel? I am asking in all seriousness, are the situations normal in Israel? There are definitely still occupied Arab lands, there are refugees who have not been able to return to their homes for more than 70 years. There are Muslims and Christians living under a blockade in Gaza,” Temim said. used the phrase.

Sheikh Tamim said:

“When the Oslo Agreement was signed between Israel and Palestine, we established official relations with Israel, we opened the Israeli trade office in Doha. However, the wars in the Gaza Strip did not end. What we need to do is to reach a peaceful solution for the Palestinian people. We must give hope to the Palestinian people and give their lands back. “We are talking to Israel and offering aid to those living in the West Bank and Gaza. I believe in a two-state solution. Palestinians and Israelis should live side by side. Unfortunately, we are still far from that.”


“I don’t like talking about the past,” Sheikh Tamim said regarding the blockade his country experienced in 2017. He emphasized that they want to look to the future.

“We understand that perspectives sometimes diverge.” Temim said that they are preparing for the future with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and that it is their main job to pave the way for the youth in the region.

Temim said, “Our unity and cooperation are two important elements for the whole world. The GCC is going through a recovery period after great shocks and turmoil. We are moving on the right process.” used the phrase.


In terms of energy and gas, Temim stated that they export energy to European countries, especially to Asia, and that they will continue to export gas to these countries in the coming years. “Those who think that we can be an alternative to Russian gas are wrong because Russia is an important resource for the global market.” made its assessment.

Touching on the sanctions imposed by Europe on Russia, Temim pointed out that the issue of sanctions, which complicates things for the whole world, should be approached carefully, and that everyone is affected by the problems caused by the interruption in gas supply to the European continent.


Referring to the fact that Qatar will host the FIFA 2022 World Cup, Temim said, “We are the first Arab country to organize this global organization. This is a very important organization especially for the youth in the Arab world. We will host hundreds of thousands of fans. We want them to visit again.” said.

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