Those who shop with that debit card, beware! Check your balance now, 150 TL will be defined to accounts

Ziraat Bank, one of Turkey’s well-established banks, shared the new campaign details for Bankkart users. Sharing two different Bankkart campaigns with the new year, Ziraat Bank announced that users will earn 150 TL by the end of the month. Here are the Ziraat Bank Bankkart campaign details…

Ziraat Bank, which has millions of users, announced its new campaigns one after the other. Ziraat Bank, one of Turkey’s most rooted banks, made an explosive start to 2023. Users who heard about the new campaign started to search for the details of the campaign. Ziraat Bank bankkart users, who make customers smile with two different campaigns, announced that they will earn 150 TL. You can earn 150 TL with your grocery shopping in the new year. Here are the Ziraat Bank Bankkart campaign details…


Ziraat Bank shared the details of the new campaign for Bankkart users. It has been announced that for one-time purchases of 300 TL or more, which will be made from shops that have a Market, Grocery, Butcher, Greengrocer and Deli, which have a Bankkart Agreement, 25 TL will be collected and 150 TL will be given with Bankkart.


Bankkart users can participate in the campaign between January 1 and January 31, 2023.

Persons who will participate in the campaign can participate in the campaign from Bankkart Mobile or bankkart, as well as make an SMS application. Users who want to participate via Campaign SMS should write MARKET and send an SMS to 4757.


People who want to participate in the campaign must participate in the campaign before their first expenditure. Customers participating in the campaign will earn a total of 150 TL Bankkart, 25 TL for each purchase of 300 TL or more at a time from Bankkart and Market, Grocery Store, Butcher, Greengrocer and Deli member workplaces during the campaign.

Transactions must be made with a Bankkart POS device from member merchants with a bank agreement. Only the first of the transactions made on the same day is included in the campaign. E-commerce expenditures are not included in the campaign.

Bankkart liras earned by customers who participate in the Bankkart lira campaign and meet the conditions of participation are instantly loaded into their accounts. A customer can earn a maximum of 150 TL within the scope of the campaign. People who are Ziraat Bank customers can immediately use the Bankkart liras accumulated by their shopping.