Those who receive their retirement pension through Garanti, Akbank and Denizbank must apply within 10 days! Final decision announcement

If you receive your pension from Garanti Bank, Akbank and Denizbank, you can participate in the low-interest Pension Loan campaign of this bank for you by making your application within 10 days.

your pension Garanti Bank Akbank and Denizbank In the event that retirees who receive their pensions are salary customers, they are required to be a customer who meets the conditions in order to benefit from the campaigns they have made. All citizens who receive their pension through Garanti Bank Akbank and Denizbank will be able to receive a pension promotion after their salary and transportation transactions, and they will be able to perform their transactions quickly without going to the bank branches by making their applications.

Garanti Bank, Akbank and Denizbank, It provides consumer loans up to 50000 TL with a term of 36 months and over 50000 TL with a 24-month term of up to 100000 TL to citizens who receive a pension. You will be able to use your applications within the same day by depositing your accounts in these approved loans, which will be able to make your application under the name of a consumer loan campaign, by going to the bank branches.

All citizens who want to use consumer loans by making their applications through Garanti Bank, Akbank and Denizbank can also deposit payments to their accounts via internet banking applications within the same day, provided that the application conditions are met.

If you receive your pension from Garanti Bank, Akbank and Denizbank, if you get a high-limit loan approval for the loans you will use up to 100000 TL, you will be given a 24-month loan and also support will be provided to close your current credit card and loan debts at the other bank. Garanti Bank Akbank and DenizbankAnyone who fills out the consumer loan application form on the official website can participate in these campaigns called consumer loans, and they can use the approved loans by depositing them into their accounts within the same day. Garanti Bank, Akbank and Denizbank, in this campaign for all citizens who will use consumer loans, offer consumer loans with a 3-month deferred and 36-month maturity within 5 minutes.