Those who hear the real profession of singer Ebru Polat are shocked! Think twice before you confess…

Famous singer Ebru Polat, who has made a name for herself with her social media posts, continues to fall like a bomb on the magazine’s agenda. Polat, who usually interacts with his followers from his Instagram account by making questions and answers, left their mouths open with his profession. You will be shocked when you hear the real profession of Ebru Polat, who is known by the confessions from her followers. Here is the real profession of the famous singer Ebru Polat…

Ebru Polat, who frequently shares on her Instagram account and does not fall from the magazine’s agenda, continues to make a name for herself with the confessions she made with her followers. The singer, who often shares confessions from his followers on social media, left everyone’s mouth open with his profession. Those who have heard of Ebru Polat’s profession comment, “What are you doing, sister”. Here is the real profession of Ebru Polat, who made a name for herself with her posts…


Singer Ebru Polat, who interacts with her followers on her social media accounts and shares their confessions, fell like a bombshell with her last post. Messages to the singer, who asked her followers to send a confession, shocked everyone.


Ebru Polat’s followers, who did not break her confession request, started sending messages one after the other. In a message to the famous singer, it was admitted that he had sexual intercourse with his mother’s friend. This post left their mouths open.


In another confession message, it was said, “I am at my neighbor every day, we are very bad with her husband.” Ebru Polat reacted to this situation by saying, “Give up, leave the married men of the nation alone”.


Well, do you know the real profession of singer Ebru Polat? It is known by everyone that Ebru Polat, who was born on June 30, 1983 in Izmir, met music when she was a child and developed herself in this field. However, this is not the real profession of Ebru Polat!



Did you know that besides music, Ebru Polat actually graduated from the university by graduating from the Faculty of Law? The real profession of the beautiful singer is lawyer. Ebru Polat, who worked for a while, later turned to singing and studied music at the Royal Academy in London.


His followers, who heard that the main profession of singer Ebru Polat is a lawyer, were shocked. ‘Don’t let anyone get involved’ one after the other! comments were made.



Ebru Polat was born on 30 June 1983 in Izmir. She studied ballet at a young age. Ebru Polat, who met music in the primary school choir, decided to study law by turning her education life into a different field from music. She successfully completed her education at the Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Law in 2005. He worked as a lawyer for a while.

Her first album is Çetin Ceviz, released in 2007. After deciding to quit being a lawyer and build his career on music, Polat went to London and studied music at the Royal Academy of art in this city.

After returning to Turkey, he released his second EP album “Too Late” in 2008. The lyrics and music of the song “Too Late”, which is the same as the name of the album, belongs to Sezen Aksu. Apart from this song, he also reinterpreted Sezen Aksu’s song “Seni Yerler”. He released the album “Kalp Ayazı” in 2009. The album included songs by Serdar Ortaç, Fettah Can, Murat Güneş and Sezen Aksu. In addition, the song “The Boy Girl”, whose lyrics and music belongs to Polat, was also included in the album.

He released the album “Dinle 2011” in 2011. In the album, he interpreted Sezen Aksu’s song “Haydi Git”. He also included covers of the songs “Mutlu Ol Yeter” and “I Will Not Love You Anymore” in the album. Later in the same year, he presented the single “What Happened”. In 2012, he released the EP “Escape the Draw”. He reinterpreted the song “Hani Dünya Tatlısı”, whose lyrics were made by Aysel Gürel and Mehmet Erbil Savaş’s music.

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