Those who have no financial means are also breeding, the man earns the minimum wage, has seven children, are you the sultan?

Actor Cem Ozer, “Those with financial means reproduce less; those without financial means reproduce as well. The man earns minimum wage and has seven children. It is absurd to reproduce with the logic of ‘Let my lineage go’! Are you a sultan? Should children live with depression??” said.

Özer, Alev Gürsoy Cimin from Posta newspaper answered his questions.

What is your view on male-female relationships?

I don’t like men’s saying, “Women’s honor is entrusted to us”. What you understand by honor is different from what women understand! What a woman calls honor is in her head; That is, 60-70 centimeters above the man’s understanding of it… Labor, morality, honesty, love, respect for nature, respect for human beings, respect for labor are things that women talk about…

You’ve done political humor your entire career. Was it difficult to do this?

“Why don’t you do political humor?” You will ask Hasan Can Kaya the question, not me., I spent my life making political jokes, I won’t do it until I die, I defended that order. Nobody should use political conditions as an excuse. I have imitated Süleyman Demirel, Mesut Yılmaz, Erdal İnönü and Turgut Özal for years. If this was my medium right now, I would also make humor about Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; If you insult, swear, of course he will get angry, but if you make good humor, he will laugh. Humor is a sharper weapon than insult.

Don’t you like Hasan Can Kaya?

My wife is watching, laughing a lot, but I am not laughing. It does simple and easy work. Did you only care about swearing comfortably on the screens?

Shouldn’t it be cursing?

Cursing is used when appropriate. We have it in our game too, but you can do it when the time comes. To force this to make the audience laugh is to take it easy. It is wrong to seek intelligence in this. Cem Yılmaz also swears, but he has a glimmer of intelligence. I also like Şahan because he is doing something very important. He brought a different dimension to acting and cinema with his intelligence. He did this with one character. My intelligence is not weak enough to hide behind blasphemy.

What do you think when you look at the state of the world?

Nothing in the world will get any better than this. We will continue to remember the past. Capitalism is insatiable. My advice to people is this: If you love children, don’t have children. For their sake… Because there is a very bad world and it will get worse.

Then why did you have children?

Both were unintentional. So we didn’t do it on purpose.

Aren’t you happy that they were born?

I am happy, but when I see my daughter’s unhappiness and future anxiety, I become unhappy. If you have the financial means, do it so that your child will not worry about the future. However, those with financial means reproduce less; those who do not have financial means are also breeding. The man earns minimum wage, has seven children. It is absurd to breed with the logic of ‘let my blood walk’! Are you the king? Do you guys live with depression?