Those who have dollars in hand, beware! The markets are on fire, there will be an earthquake in 3 days! Check it out now and decide accordingly.

The latest situation in the dollar is still closely followed by the citizens. While the activity in the dollar continues, there are also bomb-like predictions from market experts. Last-minute forecasts for the dollar’s situation in 3 days have also arrived.

The dollar has gained historical value against the Turkish lira in the last year. Those who had dollars in their hands began to investigate the next state of the markets. Money market experts made important evaluations for citizens who are curious about the course of the dollar. The real developments regarding the dollar rate will begin in 3 days. Very important warnings came from experts to those who have even a dollar in their hands. So, will the dollar continue to rise? How much will the dollar-TL be?

The dollar-TL rate continues to rise, which started last year, without slowing down. It comes one after another in frightening scenarios for the dollar rate, which has gained more than 100% value compared to the previous year. Citizens who have dollars in their hands follow the analysts’ comments closely to learn what to do. So, what’s the latest on the dollar? How much higher will the dollar rate rise?


Analysts commenting on the dollar rate consider 2 different possibilities. Analysts said that the dollar rate is likely to anchor at this level, and that there is a possibility that it will go further. Although a big jump in the dollar is not expected in the short term, it is thought that the real increase will take place towards the end of the year. The precautionary packages that Turkey will announce on September 13 will also have an impact on the dollar rate.


In foreign analysis, he thinks that the increase in their predictions about the dollar rate will be at the end of the year. Especially the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate announcement this week is extremely important. Expectations regarding the Fed’s interest rate announcement are that there will be an interest rate hike. While the markets are waiting for the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate announcement, they are also waiting for the support packages that Turkey will announce on September 13 and economic women. Whether there will be a depreciation in the dollar and TL will be determined after these statements.


Gold and Money Markets expert, Islam Memiş, pointed to the date of September 13. Stating that this date is important for those who have Dollars in their hands, the market expert said that after Turkey’s new steps to be announced, the Dollar TL may experience a collapse like it did on December 20. These predictions of Islam Memiş, a gold and money market expert, are also valid for gold. So at the moment, the Markets are following the new package of measures that will be announced on September 13. If the expected steps are taken, there may be a decline in the dollar and gold. However, it will be clear towards the end of the year whether this decline will be permanent.