Those who have a gas bill in their name, run to that bank immediately! 150 TL aid will be given

Increasing inflation in Turkey and the energy crisis in the world continue to be reflected in the bills one after another. As soon as we enter the year 2023, news of increase in electricity and natural gas bills came one after another. After the price hikes, there was good news for the citizens who were thinking brooding. If your name is written on your bill, you can go to that bank and get your money. They instantly pay 150 TL to your account. Here are the details…

Increasing in our country inflation With the fluctuations in the exchange rate and the exchange rate, the purchasing power of the citizens decreased and many products were increased one after another. Electricity and natural gas bills were at the forefront of the most hiked. Citizens black invoiceWhile he was thinking about how to pay his bills, good news came from that bank. If your name is on your bill, you lived. You can go to the branches of that bank and get a support payment of 150 TL immediately. Here are the details of the support payment…


With the cost of living, increasing inflation and the rise in foreign exchange, many products in Turkey have been raised one after the other. Even paying bills became a luxury as the purchasing power of citizens gradually decreased. Some banks that take steps in this direction continue to organize campaigns in order not to lose customers. Here is the good news from Yapı Kredi for the citizens who have difficulty in paying their bills. You can get your invoice immediately and go to the Yapı Kredi branch for 150 TL assistance. It is enough to write your name and surname on your invoice.


After the hikes in natural gas and electricity bills, citizens became unable to pay their bills. With the arrival of the winter months, combi boilers began to be opened. Bills tripled. Yapı Kredi Bank came to the aid of citizens with payment difficulties. In addition to government subsidies Construction loans 150 TL cash assistance facility has started from the Bank of Turkey.



Drawing attention with its retirement promotion fees, Yapı Kredi Bank continues to stand by its customers in the new year as well. In the statement made on Yapı Kredi’s official website, it was reported that customers who placed 3 new automatic payment orders will be given 150 TL invoice support. While 100 liras of these payments are given over the bank account, 50 liras is the point to be given to the credit card instructions. In other words, those who have electricity and natural gas bills on their behalf and connect them to automatic payment order will have the chance to receive 150 TL monthly assistance. The application period for this campaign of Yapı Kredi ends on January 31, 2023. Do not forget to place an automatic payment order with your invoice until this date.