Those who don’t want foreign referees want theater

Turkish arbitration is over. There is no such thing as Turkish arbitration. They’ve been playing overtime for many years, now those overtime periods are over. Turkish arbitration was already dead; His funeral was held at the Swissotel Summit last year, and he was buried with the March 8 Coup. Erkans and Karaoğlanlar have become FIFA, which means that the bones are starting to rot.

Last season, 2 people from Rize and 3 people from Trabzon, along with a person from Urfa, quit smoking. Rizespor President Tahir Kıran, Rizeli TFF Vice President Servet Assistant, Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu, Beşiktaş’s Trabzon President Ahmet Nur Çebi and Karagümrük’s Trabzon President Süleyman Hurma; Urfali MHK President Serdar Tatlı was invited to Swissotel. They gave him a list. They said finish off those referees. Promote those referees. Serdar Tatlı took the list; He explained the situation to Nihat Özdemir, the worst TFF President in history. Özdemir said, “Oh, don’t give me a headache” as a classic attitude. Sweet resigned.

When 2 people from Rize and 3 people from Trabzon gasped and threw a plug at Özdemir saying, “This is how the complex wants it,” this time Ferhat Gündoğdu, the owner of one of the subcontractors of MHK President Nihat Bey’s construction works. Then the March 8 coup took place. Cüneyt Çakır – Fırat Aydınus, the refereeing of many names was completed. “We couldn’t bear to wait another day,” said Ferhat Gündoğdu. You think there was a match-fixing/betting business. The main problem was this. Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu, who was called to “finish his refereeing” at the Swissotel Summit, was re-written on the list of survivors. Atilla Karaoğlan – Volkan Bayarslan and Erkan Özdamar were among those who wanted to move forward. This blow; It also caused discomfort in the Kulliye, which the Swissotel Summit pointed out at all levels by lying.

Nihat Özdemir is absent today. Both of the 2 Rize people do not exist. There is a new TFF president and a new MHK president. But the referees are the same. Today’s referees are mainly among those who are wanted to advance after the March 8 Coup. Some of them see that 3 out of 5 architects of the Swissotel Summit (Ağaoğlu-Çebi-Hurma) continue. He also knows that this season is the “Before Erden Timur brush; after brush season”. That’s why these referees are already incompetent and incompetent, and on top of that, they are poisoned people. Trying to create a referee from Özgüç Türkalp, who still gave a report about Tarık Ongun from his own community after 5 months saying “He asked for VAR records”, Zorbay Küçük, who never passed the FIFA exam, Erkan Özdamar, and Yaşar Kemal, who was put at the top of the list of those who were asked to be sent to be sent. it is futile.

This system cannot go on like this. Definitely and definitely a foreign arbitrator is now a must. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from one of Europe’s 5 big leagues. The world is ours. There is no need for a male referee. Can’t Stephanie Frappart, for example, manage the F. Garden-G. Saray derby? If the foreign referee does not come, every season will be dubious. And no one will watch this league anymore. We will bring in a foreign referee immediately, starting with the derby on January 8th. We cannot save football any other way. Anyone who opposes the foreign referee without producing a different opinion means that everyone wants theatre.

“We can’t finish this league,” he said after a game. Since then, TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi has been doing whatever Timur says without hesitation. Sabri Celik already says “thank you dear”. What can i say. The one who knows business, the one who wields a sword. I congratulate Erden Timur, who brought the TFF president into line with a brush.