This Tuesday is Bim’s self-care day! Here is the current catalog of Bim September 13

Has the current catalog of Bim, which is eagerly awaited by the citizens, been published on Tuesday, September 13? Which products will be offered to Bim this Tuesday, at what price? Here is the current catalog of Bim September 13 with all its details…

Bim, one of the three big chain markets, immediately attracted the attention of the consumer with the release of its current catalog on Tuesday, September 13. What’s in Bim this Tuesday? Everything from make-up materials to personal care products, from chocolates to biscuits is waiting for you. Here is the current catalog of Bim September 13;


Metal photo frame 59 TL, Metal mirror 85 TL, Marble-based jewelry hanger 69 TL, Decorative jewelry plate 39.50 TL, Decorative wall ornament 29.50 TL, Ring set 29.50 TL, Wooden photo frame with string 44.50 TL, Letter message board 64.50 TL, Rbl perfume 49 TL, Bamboo stick room fragrance 39 TL, Golden rose nail polish 14.50 TL, Golden rose mascara 34.50 TL, Golden rose lipstick 32.50 TL, Knotted crown 17.50 TL, Earrings 12.50 TL, Tailed buckle 15.50 TL, Elastic bandana 17.50 TL, Hairbrush 32.50 TL, Nail clippers 17.50 TL, Tweezers 16.50 TL, Claderm clay mask 8.75 TL, Mara easy manicure 29.50 TL, Jkosmec paper facial mask 9.75 TL, Bella natura organic coconut oil 29.50 TL, Simple smoothing peeling 39 TL, Simple facial cleansing gel will be on the shelves for 42 TL, Simple micellar cleansing water for 42 TL, Lace detailed panties for 29.50 TL, Lace detailed undershirt for 29.50 TL.



Coffee world hazelnut cream 59 TL, Sarelle cocoa hazelnut cream 29.50 TL, Ozmo cream cream chocolate 4.75 TL, Ozmo milk chocolate toy egg 16.50 TL, Ozmo cornet hazelnut cream wafer 12.50 TL, Ozmo cool milky honey chocolate covered cake 2.50 TL, Ozmo ogopogo Chocolate and vanilla cake with strawberry sauce 14.50 TL, Yupo cocoa dragee candies 9.50 TL, Papita milk chocolate covered cream biscuit 3 TL, Hobby cocoa hazelnut bar 24.50 TL, Dankek marshmallow chocolate donut cake 16.50 TL, Ülker 9 layer hazelnut cream thin wafer 9.50 TL , Cosby fun licensed surprise egg 7.50 TL, Ülker kanky strawberry cream pool biscuit 6.50 TL, Topitanem fruit ball 7.50 TL, Haribo soft candy 9.50 TL, Milkplus milk soft candy 19.50 TL, Tadelle maxinut chocolate covered hazelnut wafer 14.50 TL, Milka milkinis milk filled milk chocolate 8.50 TL, Olala raspberry cocoa mini souffle cake 15 TL, Eti passion cocoa cream mosaic biscuit 12.50 TL, Hanımeller mahlep salty cookies 14.50 TL, Eti Creamy Strawberry Cream Sandwich Biscuits with cream, 25.50 TL, Fiskat hazelnut croquette 12.50 TL, Ülker petibör biscuits will be available for 24.50 TL.