This time the target is 48 seats: 22 provinces will vote for the Bulgarian elections


Bulgariaearly general vote After the decision, the ballot box will be held today in a country with a population of 6 million, where approximately 1 million Turks and Muslims live. Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey will also cast their votes electronically in 166 ballot boxes to be established in 22 provinces including Istanbul, Bursa and Antalya. Stating that there are over 300 thousand voters over the age of 18 in Turkey and that the highest number of voters is in Bursa, BALGÖÇ President Prof. Dr. Emin Balkan said, “In these elections, there are 72 thousand citizens in Bursa and more than 300 thousand citizens in Turkey who have the right to vote. They will defend their own rights,” he said.



Bulgarian President Rumen Radev announced early elections after Prime Minister Kiril Petkov’s coalition government fell in June. prof. Emin Balkan pointed to the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) by saying, “Turk’s vote is for Turk”. MRF Chairman Mustafa Karadayı made a statement saying, “We aim to have at least 48 MEPs in the 48th parliament.” The MRF had elected 34 deputies in the last elections.


Boyko Borisov (63), the leader of the conservative GERB party, who became prime minister for three terms after anti-corruption demonstrations in 2021, lost the seat. However, the power of the liberal Kiril Petkov (42) who replaced him did not last long. Borisov aspires to power again, saying “We are stronger than chaos”. According to the polls, GERB receives 25 percent, Petkov’s We Keep Changing Party 16 percent, and MRF around 13 percent.

This time the target is 48 seats: 22 provinces will vote for the Bulgarian elections


The Ukrainian war and the cessation of natural gas shipments from Russia have negatively affected Bulgaria, a former Soviet Union country.

While the current deputy Prime Minister Petkov took a strictly pro-European Union stance, GERB leader Borisov pursued a policy of balance in relations with the EU, Russia and Turkey during his rule, but was discredited by corruption allegations.

Petkov refuses to share power with Borisov. However, if the two major parties cannot agree, experts say it will be difficult to form an effective government. GERB, on the other hand, argues that it can form a minority government if the first party emerges from the ballot box.