This much doesn’t happen even in movies… His son, who was called ‘dead’, called 12 years later!

Creation Date: December 29, 2022 10:43

There was an event in Great Britain that made people say ‘this much doesn’t even happen in movies’. Scottish mother received a phone call from her son, who is thought to have died 12 years ago.

United Britain tells the story of a mother named Joyce Curtis.

The grieving mother, whose son disappeared in 2010, spent 12 years trying everything to find him.

Curtis, whose efforts were in vain, began to think that his son Nicholas was dead.

His hopes faded away and his life took him 12 years later. news changed with.

The caller was his son, Nicholas, who has not been traced for years.

According to the news in the British newspaper The Sun, on 19 December, the woman received a phone call from her son that she was alive and in a hospital in Southern France.

Speaking to the country press, the mother described that phone call with these words;

‘I asked her, ‘Are you coming home, Nikky?’ I asked. And he said ‘Yes’. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. I just need to take him home.’

Nicholas left his hometown of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, to tour Europe in the mid-2000s after losing his job.

The man who hitchhiked around Europe had not been traced since 2010.

“I don’t get my hopes up until I get him home,” said the mother, who was preparing to set off to take her son home, who was in France.