This is not Kandil! Shocking images from Lavrion Camp, a terror nest in Greece

Creation Date: September 05, 2022 12:46

It was revealed that the Lavrion Camp, which was established for refugees in Greece in 1985, has been hosting hundreds of terrorists to be used against Turkey. New images of the region described as ‘Greece’s Kandil’ have emerged…


GreeceNew images have emerged about the Lavrion Camp, where Turkey hosts and trains members of almost all terrorist organizations operating against Turkey.

Istanbul News Director Nihat Uludağ, who participated in the CNN Türk broadcast, gave very striking information about the camp.

In the camp established in the Greek town of the same name PKKIn addition to terrorists from Turkey, members of terrorist organizations such as DHKPC and MLKP remain. However, Nihat Uludağ underlined that the management of the camp is under the control of the PKK.

Greece has long embraced terrorists who have been taking action against Turkey. HDPSemra Güzel, a member of parliament from Turkey, also fled to Greece.

This is not Kandil, shocking images from Lavrion Camp, a terror nest in Greece

Nihat Uludağ stated that there are 2 blocks in the camp and that after 6 months of training was provided to the members of the terrorist organization in this camp, which consists of 80 apartments, these terrorists were sent to Iraq with a Greek passport.class=”medianet-inline-adv”>

Stating that the PKK uses this camp as a station, Uludağ underlined that terrorists fleeing from Turkey were also sent to this camp.

Nihat Uludag, Lavrion CampHe said that in addition to ideological training, terrorists were given sabotage and bomb attack training in .

It was underlined that while ideological and organizational trainings were given in Lavrion Camp, armed training, conflict and bomb attack trainings were given in this camp, half an hour away.

Nihat Uludağ pointed out that although the camp is called ‘Kandil in Greece’, the town is a holiday resort and that the camp is a seaside camp.

This is not Kandil, shocking images from Lavrion Camp, a terror nest in Greece


Hüsamettin Tanrıkulu, who received sabotage training in the Lavrion Camp in Greece and was found to be preparing an armed and bombing action in metropolitan cities upon the instruction of the terrorist organization PKK, was caught in Istanbul. After Tanrıkulu was caught in Istanbul, eyes were turned to Lavrion Camp.


It was known that Hüsamettin Tanrıkulu, who collected evidence against Turkey on the Uludağ, Syria and Iraq border and also collaborated with DAESH, was connected to Lavrion Camp.

It is known that HDP’s Semra Güzel went to this camp with a migrant smuggler and another PKK member. Nihat Uludağ stated that the members of the terrorist organization who went to the camp in this way could then go to a European country of their choice.

Stating that no connection was tried to be hidden in the camp where the organization’s flags were hung, Uludağ said that the PKK connection of the camp was quite obvious and no one tried to hide it.

This is not Kandil, shocking images from Lavrion Camp, a terror nest in Greece

Nihat Uludağ, who also talked about the allegations that there were FETO member terrorists in the camp, explained that even if there is no training for FETO members, the doors of the camp are open to anyone working against Turkey and that everyone who is a FETO member is accommodated and accommodated in the camp.class=”medianet-inline-adv”>

When asked how the expenses of the camp, which has a constant circulation and which hosts and trains many terrorists, are covered, Uludağ replied, “With the funds of the organizations in the EU member states.” gave the answer.


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