This is magic! The woman, who learned that she had brain cancer in the hospital she went to with a toothache, planned her funeral, but the treatment went well.

What happened to a woman named Emma Webster in Scotland created an exemplary story for those who heard it. The 29-year-old woman learned that she had brain cancer in the hospital she went to after a long toothache and planned her own funeral. But Emma, ​​whose treatment was started immediately, managed to survive at the end of the process.


Webster, who first went to the dentist for toothaches, underwent root canal treatment for Emma. The intense pain he suffered after the surgery never stopped. Soon after, she began medication because doctors thought she had nerve damage. In 2019, the pain spread to his entire face and his vision began to blur. For these reasons, Emma, ​​who underwent an MRI scan, learned that she had a brain tumor hidden behind her right eye.


After the tests, Emma, ​​who was in the shock of her life, said that as a result of these tests, she only thought about what her son would do without him and said, “I was ready to start planning my funeral.” However, it was learned that the brain tumor was benign, that is, not cancerous. While this was good news, it did not please Emma as her family had multiple deaths from brain tumors. She thought she would be like her grandmother, who died of a brain tumor.


Emma had surgery in March 2019 in which 70 percent of the tumor was removed. After the surgery, she was left with balance problems and debilitating headaches. Due to these problems, she moved with her family. His pain continued for 8 months after the operation. Now Emma undergoes annual scans to check for tumor growth.

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