This is how the pink-painted pigeon was saved!

A benefactor rescued a pink-painted pigeon in Madison Square in Manhattan, New York, USA.

The bird lover took the domesticated king pigeon to the Wild Bird Fund, a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation and education center on the Upper West Side.

It was announced that the pigeon called ‘Flamingo’ was in bad condition.


The animal rescue group found that the colored bird was intentionally painted and possibly used as part of a gender reveal party, experiment or wedding party.

The group added that the bird looked like it had never flown before and was likely purchased from a poultry market. The bird also showed signs of prolonged malnutrition.

The team said the ‘Flamingo’ cannot survive in the wild as it cannot find food, fly well or escape predators.


Antonio Sanchez of the Wild Bird Fund said, “I don’t think we’ve ever had a pink pigeon come to the clinic before, so we were all pretty surprised. Frankly, we were disgusted that someone was doing this.”

In a statement, the Wild Birds Fund condemned the behavior of those who left the bird in the wild by painting it pink, saying:

“This poor bird is bad enough as a domesticated bird that can’t find food, fly well, or escape predators in the wild. But the bright coloration makes it even more of a target.”

“If you see a white dove in the wild or a pet bird that seems to be lost, it means it needs your help. Please catch the bird and take it to a pigeon rescue center or animal shelter near you,” the organization wrote.