This is how the giant rock passed through the house! The owner of the house barely saved his life: Those moments are on camera

A giant rock has destroyed a family’s home in Hawaii. While the owner of the house saved his life at the last moment, those moments were reflected in the cameras like this.

Concern continues to grow after a group excavating the Honolulu region’s high-altitude residential area called Palolo is falling on rocks in the area. The team carrying out the studies stated that there was no rock rolling down the valley, but with the last event, it was learned that a total of three rocks fell from the same area within 24 hours.


A local newspaper investigated the allegations and found out that the last of those rocks, Palolo resident Caroline Sasaski, crashed into her home last Saturday and saved her life at the last minute. After a giant boulder crashed into his house and he saved his life at the last moment, Sasaki said, “I’m a little better today. I was pretty shaken up last night. I don’t really know what happened, other than a noise and an explosion at the time.” made comments.


On the other hand, Sasaski, who grew up and continues to live in the same neighborhood, said that after moving to his new home, he had not seen large rocks rolling down the valley about a week later. Sasaki said, “We were sitting in the same place. We demolished our old house and had it rebuilt, and this has never happened before. Despite the heavy rain and hurricane warnings, nothing happened. So, no rocks fell. We had some problems because they carved the mountain, but is that the reason? I do not know.” said.


On the other hand, other residents of the area think that the reason for this incident was the carving of the mountain behind Sasaki’s house. Bingning Li, who continues to work as a “development owner” in the valley, argued that these events are not related. On the subject, he said, “Not at all, this rock is much higher up. I looked at those rocks that stood about 50 feet (15 meters) above the property, and it must have fallen from there into our area and then towards the property. So that rock hit one of the cables that was supposed to stop it. And it snapped the cable, which greatly reduced the acceleration of the rock. Without the cable, the damage would have been much greater.” commented.

Stating that they will continue to work in the region at the same time, Li stated that they will install a large barrier wall throughout their projects in order to examine their projects and increase security, and they will bring engineers to the region for this.


While those horror moments are reflected on the cameras, the residents of the region want answers before any loss of life occurs. “The Department of Permissions and Planning, the Department of Emergency Management, the mayor, and the councilors. They should all be involved because people’s lives are at stake,” Sasaki said. said.