This is how the crowd on the Georgian border was viewed

In the satellite images shared by the US-based Maxar Technology, the vehicle queue formed by Russian citizens was displayed on the Georgian border.

It was stated that the border guards did not stop Russian citizens either, since no decision was made to close the borders in Russia.

“When the news stopped, we left everything and ran away”

Speaking to Reuters, Russian citizen Dmitry Kuriliyunok said that he and his wife Irina and daughter came to the border with Georgia via Mineralnye Vody. “When we heard about the partial mobilization decision, we left everything at home and rushed to the car. We are against war. For us, this is scary. Dying and killing people. “For what? We don’t understand. That’s why we ran away,” he said.

According to Reuters, nearly 40,000 Russian citizens have crossed into Tbilisi since the start of the war on February 24.


When the partial mobilization decision was first announced, many Russian citizens flocked to Istanbul and Yerevan for one-way flights, and the flights were exhausted. Many people who could not find a plane flocked to the Finnish border.

While the prices of the plane tickets were 20 thousand TL, the flights were completely exhausted.


After the discussions escalated, a remarkable statement came from the Kremlin on the subject yesterday.

In the statement made by the Kremlin, it was stated that “Some mistakes were made in the mobilization calls. The errors in this call will be corrected.”

Regarding whether to close the borders for the Russians who fled the country, the Kremlin said, “No decision has been made on closing the borders.”

* Images of the news are provided by Reuters and Associated Press.