This is how movies are now: One gay, one with a headscarf!

Known for her black propaganda rhetoric against the government at every opportunity, Gülse Birsel did not break the rules in her new film, which aims to collect ratings through exhibitionism.

While Gülse Birsel, who could not openly support the headscarf ban, but did not hesitate to express her discomfort when the headscarf was liberated, using a headscarf-wearing figure in her film is considered “abuse”, the announcement of the new movie is “Suddenly inviting your neighbors to New Year’s Eve, which you don’t know at all. What’s the idea? Runway. let’s unload, our movie is coming.” made with expressions.

The name of the new comedy movie by Gülse Birsel, who was previously one of the screenwriters and actresses of the films European Side, Lie World, Jet Society TV series and Aile Arasi, is New Year’s Eve.

The actors who will take part in the film, especially Gülse Birsel, are Alican Yücesoy, Alina Boz, Ayta Sözeri, Boran Kuzum, Büşra Pekin, Cengiz Bozkurt, Derya Karadaş, Emir Benderlioğlu, Fatih Artman, İrem Sak, Kubilay Tunçer, Nazmi Sinan Mıhçı, Serkan Keskin. It consists of the names Şebnem Bozoklu, Zeynep Güngör.

Actress İrem Sak, who is in the cast of the film, was on the agenda on social media, while the casting of a trans actress named Ayta Sözeri led to questions such as “Is she a gay person in the movie?”

The film critics reminded that “Now, in the new concept, there is a headscarf and a trans actor in every film, it’s almost like a dictation of places”, and the Ministry of Culture was asked to set up these initiatives.

Although more than half of the women in the society are wearing headscarves, the secularist mind, who did not show a woman with a headscarf in the films they shot with the claim that it was a mirror of daily life, with the idea that “it would be hijab propaganda”, now tried to produce a new perception through the headscarf.

Those who used to hide women wearing headscarves in real life in the films they shot for years, now they have started to play the homosexuals, who are encountered in one hundred thousandth of the society, in almost every movie, and even to determine the role in the movie as gay.

Gülse Birsel’s view of the headscarf has been the subject of discussion in the past.

In a column she wrote in Hürriyet newspaper in 2014, Gülse Birsel used the following statements:

“Currently, it is forbidden for female students to dye their hair and have them highlighted. Wearing a headscarf is allowed because it is freedom! It is said, “It is the family’s decision.”

Are you surprised? No.”