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The founder of Food Detective, Musa Özsoy, brought up the margarine called “Iskenderlik oil”, which is sold in the appearance of butter in the market.


In other types of margarine on the market, the type of vegetable oil used was included in the “ingredients” section. For example, there was information that palm oil was used in a product called “Iskenderlik oil” produced by another brand.

However, Paşaköy brand did not write which vegetable oil was used in the “ingredients” section of the margarine, on which it used milk and butter images on the package. Instead, the phrase “Oily vegetable oil” was used.


Journalist and writer Soner Yalçın wrote about margarine and Deniz Gezmiş’s struggle against margarine in his book “Hidden Elections”:

“There is an additive called ‘monoglycerides and diglycerides E470-E477’ to facilitate the mixture. It is mostly used in yogurt, cream, butter, margarine, cheese, ice cream and dairy desserts. Since it is obtained from oils of plant and animal origin, it clogs the arteries and causes various cardiovascular diseases, just like trans fats.

Margarine was produced by French chemist Mege Mouries in 1869. He called this food, which he described as ‘pearly white’, ‘margaran’, which means ‘pearl’ in Greek. With the opposition of the villagers, ‘margaran’ was banned by law in 1897 in places where butter is produced and sold. 100 years later, Turkey faced a similar problem, but the villager did not protect butter and succumbed to margarine, which was transformed into a symbol of ‘class jumping’!

They don’t know history at all! On August 31, 1967, including Deniz Gezmiş, student associations of TMTF, İÜTB, İTÜTOTB, İYOTB, ODTÜ-ÖB and AUYOTB jointly launched an olive oil campaign covering 10 provinces and 40 villages in the Marmara and Aegean regions against the food hegemony of the USA. During their 10-day trip, they explained the root causes of the problem and asked the public to protect their products.

The first margarine factory in Turkey was established with the help of the USA. Margarine has become such a habit that the day will come – just like in Chile – the Ecevit government will be destroyed by those margarine queues…”

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