This feature coming to WhatsApp destroys a lot of slots

Who you’re messaging with will be revealed with their profile picture.

Two new features came to WhatsApp recently. According to the first of these features, when a message arrives, the profile photo of the person who sent the message is now visible in the notification panel. For this reason, even if you save it with any name other than the name to hide the messaged person, it turns out who the message is.

Users who want to hide who they are messaging with can hide who they are messaging with, except by not registering the person with their name, by not using their own profile photo. According to the news of, in addition, the opposite WhatsApp user should not write his or her nickname in the name and surname section, which is known by everyone.

Apart from all these, WhatsApp does not yet have any feature to hide the profile photo of the other person. However, WhatsApp users can control who can see their profile photo.

Another feature that will destroy the nest from WhatsApp was about groups. According to this recent innovation, the profile photo of people who send messages appears in WhatsApp groups, regardless of iOS, Android or desktop version.

In other words, in any in-group messaging, WhatsApp users can choose who they are thanks to their profile photo between mutual conversations. The instant communication platform has made this feature available to people who send messages to the wrong group or mess up groups.

These two features that will destroy WhatsApp are available in both Android and iOS versions. So making any phone choice is not enough to disable these features.