This 10 thousand TL will reset all your debts! Anyone can take

An announcement was made by the banks that 10 thousand TL would be paid. Anyone who trades by the end of January will be paid instantly. While making a statement by Yapı Kredi Bank, it was announced that it will continue until the end of January. Here is the information about the Yapı Kredi 10 thousand TL campaign.

While the last days are approaching for a consumer loan of 10 thousand TL, which will continue until the end of January, it was informed that the citizens who want to benefit from the campaign will be informed that the loan payments will be made with appropriate interest rates if they are customers. All retired and insured citizens will be able to benefit from this campaign. For those who want to participate in this loan campaign initiated by Yapı Kredi, all the details can be found in our news.


This campaign, which will be a cure-all for those in urgent need of cash, is worth 10 thousand TL and is offered to everyone who is a customer of the bank. You can apply for loan payments 24 hours a day through the bank’s mobile application. Payments will be transferred to the accounts after Yapı Kredi receives the message information to the citizens after the applications are made to those in urgent need.


Those who want to apply for a Yapı Kredi consumer loan can make an instant application via text message while closely researching how to apply. You will have made an application by sending an SMS 4411 by writing your TR ID number, monthly income and date of birth. If the application is approved or not, you will be notified via message in the same way. Those who will apply for consumer loans via SMS can get cash loan payments via bank branches or mobile application.