They’ve done it inside, they’re looking for a clean place to escape

Once, Jameson, “It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism” he said it happened. This is true of the “culture industry” of capitalism, and especially of the tech capitalists, who, in their pursuit of profit, are preparing the end of the world. Douglas Rushkoff‘Fame, Darwin‘of “The most compatible…” refer to the determination “The survival of the richest: The escape fantasies of tech billionairesHis work titled “i” refers to exactly these types.

According to Rushkoff, yesterday, “Silicon valleyAt birth, as technology billionaires begin to make their fortunes, in a sense, at the beginning of neoliberal globalization, these types proclaim that technology will bring prosperity and happiness to the entire society, and that it will solve not only health and environmental problems, but also solve the problems of democracy by accelerating communication and information, making it transparent. “They promised a rose garden”.

Today, as neoliberal globalization (accelerated capital accumulation, commodification and consumption, the financial economic model that fuels them) is dying out, the same types are living in their own lifetimes (i.e. in the next 30-40 years). climate crisis, food crisis, energy crisis, viruses, societal upheaval, nuclear war or a combination of these will bring the end of civilization. they believe. He defines this situation as “The Incident”, “EventThey are now spending millions, even billions, on calculating first to establish safe havens in some suitable part of the world, or even colonies on Mars or the Moon.

If we remember that more than 80 percent of the total wealth of civilization, less than 10 percent of the total household, is concentrated in the hands (Credit Suisse-Global Wealth Report), they will “overlap” the wealth they have accumulated after plundering the world and turning it into rubble, and we die. in “Mad Max” They plan to go and continue living somewhere as they roll into the world.

What if they know anything

These desires and calculations are literally fantasy. But they are highly intelligent, at least tech savvy, and pragmatic enough to invite even Marxist media-technologists like Rushkoff to private meetings to get their opinions. So, in your hands so wide and deep “big-data”If these types, who are the technologies to evaluate this data, think that civilization will collapse soon, capitalist civilization has reached an unsustainable point. It is necessary to take it as proof of its existence and to hurry.

These types are planning to find a sheltered and safe place (New Zealand, Alaska were popular) and get rid of the “Event”. However, “Who will protect us from the paramilitary teams (in a sense, the security workers class) that will ensure our security?They cannot find the answer to the question “k”. Latter “EventHow will they get the goods they need to live in shelter when their supply chain is completely broken in ”? A self-sufficient shelter, at least a small “social cosmos”a “dark” requires. If the inhabitants of this village are to be used as slaves… See. question above. No, if they are to live together in solidarity, what mode of production will this be? However, this second option was not popular. The men just want to get away. Fantasy is here.

Now, at the point where civilization has reached, there is no getting rid of it alone. at worst “Event” There is no life other than the option to betray once it starts and build the new society in solidarity. The best “Event“Before it begins, to begin contemplating the end of capitalism, not of the world, but of capitalism immediately…

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