they will set up production ss! Turkey decision from Taiwan giant

KYMCO, which produces more than 1 million scooters, motorcycles and ATVs annually throughout the world, announced its plans to start motorcycle production in Turkey in order to establish an assembly facility that will produce vehicles for the European market.


KYMCO Its CEO, Ko Chun-ping, made the announcement at the press conference he held in Istanbul to promote the KYMCO CV3 cycle, which was sold out in Turkey. KYMCO will initially partner with a Turkish company to start producing vehicles for the Turkish market. Chun-Ping Ko, CEO of the company, which aims to establish a manufacturing facility for the European market, announced the investment by saying, “We would like to inform you that we have started to evaluate the possibility of establishing an assembly plant in Turkey.”


The CKD (assembly) type production of the products suitable for the Turkish market will start at the first stage, and then the localization rate will increase. KYMCO’s market share in Europe reaches 11%. The company’s goal is to increase exports to Europe with the investment it will make in Turkey.

The most technological and powerful in the product range of the brand scooterKYMCO CV3, which is the first model, was offered for sale in Turkey as a 2022 model for 369,900 TL.


In the CV3, the double total 3-wheel model draws attention as the most powerful in its class. The model, which has the same engine block as the nl AK 550 model, has a 550cc 8-valve, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine and has a 2-stage power mode. While maximum power is provided at 7500 rpm, maximum torque of 53 Nm can be reached at 5750 rpm. With the CVT automatic transmission, uninterrupted power transmission can be achieved.


It is supported by safety technologies such as LED headlights, signals and stops, electronic lockable n suspensions, 6 in Noodoe digital display, and cruise control. The KYMCO CV3 also has a 4-stage adjustable braking system, a manual handbrake and a footbrake. With a length of 2140 mm, a width of 960 mm and a height of 1475 mm, the KYMCO CV3 has a seat height of 795 mm and a wheelbase of 1580 mm. The fuel tank of the motorcycle with a dry weight of 280 kg is 15.5 liters. A full-length helmet can fit into the under-seat storage compartment. It provides practicality in dark environments with its power and lighting.

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