They will produce rocket parts with Martian soil

Washington State University(WSU) researchers are working on a revolutionary project. Researchers, peer-reviewed In the International Journal of Applied Ceramics Technology Within the scope of the published research, it aims to produce rocket parts with minerals found on planets such as Mars.


Today, while many researchers are looking for ways to produce titanium alloy using Martian soil, the WSU research team succeeded in producing ceramics with only Martian soil, without using any earthly materials.

Researchers first titanium, aluminum and vanadium prepared a mixture with the ingredients. Then, this alloy, which is known to be rust resistant and very strong, Martian soil continued his work.


According to the news of IFLScience, ceramics made of 100 percent Martian soil did not achieve full success at the beginning and it was observed that they cracked when cooled.

For this reason, researchers; They thought of using these ceramics, which are not useful as building materials, but provide protection against corrosion, as a coating material that reduces radiation.


On the other hand, the researchers stated that the Martian soil may be more useful than it seems. Because when 5 percent of Martian soil was added to the titanium mixture, it was observed that it became both more durable and lighter.

With the help of a three-dimensional printer, the desired shape and amount of materials can be produced with this mixture, which is boiled over 2,000 degrees and added to the Martian soil.

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