They went to discuss climate change in private jets emitting carbon emissions.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has brought together government leaders and business leaders in Davos, Switzerland, every year since 1971. The World Economic Forum, where the world’s most powerful and wealthy names meet as well as leaders, hosts more than 2,700 guests, 50 of whom are governments and heads of state, from 130 countries with the theme of “Cooperation in a Fragmented World” this year. Issues such as climate change, inflation, food security, the Russia-Ukraine War and terrorism were discussed. organization Greenpeace accuses leaders who use carbon-emitting private jets on their way to Davos of dishonesty and “hypocrisy” in their fight against climate change.

Greenpeace Spokesperson Klara Maria Schenk said: “Europe is experiencing the warmest January ever recorded. People all over the world are struggling with extreme weather events. However, the richest and most powerful people came to Davos on private jets to discuss climate change and inequality behind them.


A study conducted by Greenpeace revealed that the private jets preferred by the participants of the summit held last year cause serious environmental pollution. According to research, last year Davos The carbon emissions caused by 1,40 private jets that landed at the airport are equivalent to those caused by an average of 350 thousand vehicles. In addition, the research revealed that 53 percent of the trips made by private jets are those that can be made using trains, and 38 percent are extremely short-haul flights.


Guests arriving in Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum struggled to find parking for their jets. at the Swiss Air Force Base in Duebendorf. private jet They were seen parked side by side. Some of the names participating in the forum via Zurich left their jets at Zurich Airport. Due to the private jets at Zurich Airport, there was a density.