They went down the street with guns! Iran closed its land borders, stopped flights

Intense shootings are taking place in the Green Zone between the security forces and the armed militias attached to Sadr. Militia are attacking the Green Zone with RPG-7 style weapons.

Since the evening, the gunfire has not stopped. Streeting in Badat continues. Vacationed state institutions do not receive either.

It is claimed that Sadr, the business religious and political leader, did not reach the phone of political leaders who called his militia to make a call back home. No explanation has yet been made regarding the events from Ayatollah Ali es-Sistani, the greatest religious authority of the workers.


In the Iraqi capital Badat, the number of dead increased to 13 and the number of injured to 350 in bloodshed between the support of Sadr Movement leader Muqtada al-Sadr and the security forces.

In the news that the Badat El-Yevm news site based on security sources, information was given about the increasing number of deaths and injuries in the events in Badat.

In the news, which recorded that the number of killed increased to 13 and the number of injured to 350 in the shootings in Badat, it was reported that the Commander of the Federal Police Force and a person accompanying him were injured in the incidents.

In the news, it was stated that shootings continued in the Green Zone, so there could be an increase in the number of dead and injured.

The supporters of Sadr returned, after the leaders’ decision to withdraw from politics, the government and the presidential palace in the Green Zone were raided.

In the news sources affiliated with the Sadr Movement, information was shared that 8 people were killed and more than 100 people were injured as a result of fire from the soldiers.

Muqtada es-Sadr announced that after the events in Badat began, he decided to start the applause strike until the shootings stopped.

In the statement made by the United Nations Mission Representative in Iraq, it was stated that the parties should abstain from shooting and violence.


According to the Iranian state television, Deputy Minister of Forward Majid Mirahmedi stated that all land borders with this country were closed due to the events in Iraq.

Mirahmedi, who is trying to be deceived by the Iranians from traveling to this country, said, “I emphasize that all land borders of Iran and Iraq have been closed due to the unstable environment in Iraq and that no one will be allowed to cross.” said.

The decision came as millions of Iranians were preparing to visit the Iraqi cities of Karbala and Najaf for their Erbain trains.

On the other hand, Said Elenderi, Manager of International Mam Khomeini Airport in the capital Tehran, announced that flights to Badat were temporarily suspended until further notice.

Speaking to the semi-official news agency Tesnim, Iran Aviation Authority Spokesperson Mir Akbar Rezevi said that they made an extraordinary flight plan to the city of Najaf to bring the Iranian citizens in Najaf to the country for the Erbain trains.


Egypt, Algeria and the Arab League have warned that the country will lead to more violence, chaos and bloodshed, with Iraqis seeking to give priority to the language of dialogue to overcome the current political crisis.

According to the Iraqi official agency, Egyptian President Abdulfettah es-Sisi emphasized that Egypt supports the security, stability and security of the Iraqi people in a telephone conversation with Berham Salih in the Iraqi location.

Sisi expressed hope that the political crisis will be resolved through dialogue, ensuring stability, security and prosperity for Iraqis.

In the written statement made by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that the developments in the political crisis and the developments in Iraq were followed with great concern in the shadow of the serious manifestations of violence that emerged as a result.

In the statement, it was stated that all parties should prefer the language of dialogue in order to protect life and property and give priority to the high profits of the country.

It was expressed that it is hoped that Iraq will overcome the stage it is in and re-establish security and stability.

In his written statement, Jamal Rdi, the spokesman of the Secretary General of the Arab League, stated that the general secretary of the union, Ahmed Ebulgayt, stated that all parties in Iraq should put national interests above all other issues in order to overcome the current situation that poses a threat to the stability of the country.

In the statement, which was warned that the situation in Iraq will cause more violence, chaos and bloodshed, it was emphasized that it is imperative to act calmly and with restraint, that demonstrators from different groups stay away from all armed actions and prevent bloodshed.

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