They threatened the Yellow and Red football player: I can’t go back anymore

According to the news in the Italian sports press, Zaniolo, who came to the agenda with the news that he wanted to leave the team recently, became the target of insults and threats from some fans after Roma’s 2-1 defeat to Napoli on Sunday in Serie A.

It was stated that Zaniolo, who left the capital Rome with his family and went to the city of La Spezia, did not return to Rome today even though he was not on leave and his crisis with his club continues.

In the media reports, it was stated that the yellow-red club is in favor of sending Zaniolo in the interim transfer period if an offer close to that of the English team Bournemouth, otherwise the young football player will remain in the club until the summer, but will be excluded from the squad.

Behind the scenes of the Zaniolo crisis

Zaniolo, who could only score 2 goals in the 17 games he played in the first half of the season, was the target of the criticism arrows of the sports public for a while due to his performance. Zaniolo, who was exposed to the whistling protests of the stands in the match played with Genoa at the Rome Olympic Stadium in the Italian Cup on January 12 for the first time, brought the process to another point when his coach Jose Mourinho brought his desire to leave Rome to the agenda.

Meanwhile, during the transfer process, which Milan was interested in, but Rome did not find the offer sufficient, Zaniolo’s refusal of 30 million euros from Bournemouth, one of the English Premier League teams, angered the yellow-red Italian team.

Zaniolo, who was excluded from the squad due to his attitude before the Napoli match, was exposed to threats and insults from some fanatical fans after the game was lost 2-1.

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho also showed the star player the door, saying, “When you don’t feel well in the family, you should go, find a solution,” after the Napoli match, where they lost 2-1.

Zaniolo, who Roma transferred from Inter in 2018 and is considered one of the leading young talents of Italian football, played the leading role in his team’s victory in the UEFA European Conference League last year, especially with the goal he scored in the final match.