They had invested 20 million in Sapanca, they got divorced. Debate on social media who will get the investment in Sapanca – Medyabar

38 year old social Media phenomenon Selin Ciğerci and Gökhan Çıra, who is 12 years younger than him, got married on October 28, 2019.

Although it was seen from the social media posts that the couple was happily married, crackles were soon heard.

Having experienced ups and downs in their relationship, the couple decided to divorce in September of the following year.

While many claims were made about the separation, the two could not stand the resentment and could not stand on May 16. 2022 remarried on.

2nd time divorced

While the relationship between Selin Ciğerci and Gökhan Çıra has been talked about for months, the couple decided to separate again.

Selin Cigerci, about whom there are allegations of “Italian lover”, divorced Gökhan Çıra for the second time.

Cigerci shared her divorce on social media. “As you know, we parted ways amicably months ago, but because it was a judicial holiday, official proceedings had not taken place. It was concluded today.” shared with.

SapancaWho will be the new owner of the investment in ?

Social media phenomenon Selin Ciğerci and his football player wife Gökhan Çıra, with whom he reconciled, started tourism by building a bungalow after the decision to invest 20 million lira on the land they bought for 8 million TL in Sapanca. The famous couple first opened 2 bungalows. After the shock divorce decision, the question of who will be the new owner of the investment in Sapanca began to be asked.

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