‘They got a permit while they were sick’

Arriving in Kırşehir to attend the UNESCO International Neşet Ertaş 10th Anniversary Commemoration Program, “Steppe Tin”Huseyin, Döne and Canan Ertaş, the children of , made a press statement at the facility belonging to the municipality.


Hüseyin Ertaş stated that their father had willed that the film not be made, that even though he did not have a written will, he verbally told this to his family and children, and that they also objected to the film for this reason.

Ertaş, who claimed that his father’s permission was obtained from him while he was ill shortly before his father’s death, stated that it is not appropriate to take a notary public to his home and have his signature taken 6 days before the hospitalization of a person who has lost 40 kilograms and is fighting cancer.


Expressing that a film was shot that his father did not want, Ertaş said:

“We’ve never asked anyone for money for the movie. I haven’t met anyone. They go out on television and ask, ‘Did the family ask you for money?’ He is asked. He says, “Let’s not get into those issues” while answering. So, friend, whether he wanted it or not. They are trying to put us under suspicion by doing this. Sir, I am telling you frankly. “It’s not up to us, how can we sell it? There is no such situation. We didn’t ask anyone for a penny. I want this to be known as well.”


The bard’s daughters Döne and Canan Ertaş also reacted to the film.

The family’s lawyer, Uğur Çapkın, explained that there are 3 different ongoing lawsuits regarding the alleged consent letters, the book written on his behalf, and the shooting of the movie, “There are lawsuits about those consent letters, about intellectual property rights. The lawsuits regarding both the book, the producer and the companies he founded continue. I hope the judiciary will not allow the film to be played before these lawsuits are concluded.” he said.