They found another gold found two years ago. As the election approaches, AKP deputy announced the “good news”

Drilling and construction works continue in the area where gold and silver reserves are located in Diyadin district of Ağrı. AKP Ağrı Deputy Ekrem Çelebi examined the works in Mollakara village with Diyadin District Governor and Deputy Mayor Mustafa Karali.

Expressing that 20 tons of gold and 3.5 tons of silver with a market value of 1.2 billion dollars are in the region, Çelebi said:

Two years ago, we broke ground here with our 2 ministers and our group vice president. Next year, we hope to lay the foundation of this business and at the same time, plan to open a facility here by 2023. This will make a great contribution to the economy of both the region and the Republic of Turkey. Thank God, we have a huge inflow in the region where terrorism was prevalent in the past, in terms of economy. The facility will be completed with an investment of approximately 160 million dollars. We aim to extract them from the ground and contribute to the national and regional economy. 37 drillings need to be done in the region. 27 drillings have been made so far. The rest will be finished by mid-September. In the next period, our groundbreaking works for the facilities will continue in this region.

Çelebi stated that there is a 50-degree geothermal water source in the same region, and that there is a company that wants to do greenhouse cultivation on an area of ​​1000 decares and they support the investor.

District Governor Karali stated that 500 people can be employed in the region.

Karali stated that the works on the establishment of a gold facility covering approximately 3 thousand acres in the region are continuing, “Last year, drilling analyzes were carried out to reveal the ore ratio. This year, construction drilling analyzes are carried out in the region where the facility area will be established. Hopefully, when these works are completed, Koza Gold Enterprises will start to work by laying the foundation here. It is predicted that there is a gold reserve of around 20 thousand tons here at the first stage. ” he said.


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